Whenever I am in Davao City, I love gallivanting around the huge city all by myself. And whenever I do,  I'd imagine that I am walking around New York City, my dream city. Haha. It's one way for me to unwind and actually enjoy myself. 

So, here's a few snippets I took at The Peak, G-Mall Davao City.

Do you love being alone sometimes too?



I started getting interested with fashion blogs way back in 2009 and from then on, I've been checking out countless personal style blogs. Now, I came up with this "INSPIRATION BLOG OF THE DAY" idea . So I guess, the title speaks for itself. I'll feature a blog that I personally like and share it with you guys just in case you haven't checked it out yet. Sharing is good they say. ;)

So for my first "BLOG INSPIRATION OF THE DAY" post, I present to you (*drum rolls please) Jane Aldridge of SEA OF SHOES!!!

You probably know her already because her blog is such a success. Her blog was my very first encounter of a personal style blog. I saw an article about it while I was reading a Candy Magazine and was really curious about it. So, when I first checked it out I was really amazed on how good her pictures were. It's like she's always having a fashion editorial photo-shoot with her Mom. Her style is equally just as amazing too.

Personally, I consider Jane Aldridge to be one of the pioneers in all of these personal style blogs phenomenon. Maybe simply because she was my first "discovery".

Haven't checked out Sea of Shoes yet? 
Again here's the LINK and I'll leave it up to you to get to know her and her style well. :)



Left to Right:  Kristine (she has a lovely blog too! Click the link.), Akemi, Paulene and Me

The photos above were taken during my first "fashion show" along with my closest friends. That's a huge thing scratched in my Bucket List. It's not a fashion show sponsored by a big clothing company or anything.  The show took place at the local gym and afterwards, a gay pageant was held. It wasn't the runway of New York or Paris but instead it's the runway of Calumpang Gym, General Santos City! Haha. But still, I relish the memory!

It was such an experience! The first outfit was red. Afterwards, we had to dash off immediately at the backstage and change quickly for the next outfit. The backstage was such a picture of mayhem. Everyone was struggling on their own to change quickly to make it on time for their turn. My next outfit was such a sexy piece. It's my first time to wear such a daring piece of clothing.  As you can see above, my entire back was bare! And the last one was the white outfit.

In just an hour the show was finished and the gay pageant started. We did not stay to watch it because we were already tired.

For most of us, it was our first time to walk in a runway with a large crowd watching. But more than anything, what made the experience more meaningful was that I was with my closest circle of friends. It was such a nice time to bond and even meet new people.

The night ended with a hearty big dinner for everyone.
Thanks to Tita Neng!
She's my friend's Mom.
Just look below on who that friend is. Haha. :)


Thank you again and again Toni Rose Romero for the photos! :)



When I was a little kid, I've always dreamed of becoming a supermodel one day. Haha. This is such an embarrassing confession, I know, but I guess we all have secret dreams. My mom could attest that even as a kid, I'd watch FashionTV and see models strut the runway. I grew up endlessly browsing my Mom's magazines or play dress-up the whole day or try on heels that are way too big on my feet. I remember writing too in my sister's slum-book that "to become a supermodel" is my greatest ambition. 

My ever supportive mom led me to believe that one day I could really become a supermodel. But then society thinks otherwise. As I got older (I never grew up, literally. Haha.), I realized that supermodels are for those who are the skinniest of the skinny, the effortlessly beautiful with a flawless skin to match with and of course for those who have a towering and tall height which I clearly lack of. Realizing those things, I tucked away my supermodel dreams and settled for realistic ones.

But now luckily, I had the chance to fulfill my "supermodel dreams" along with my closest friends. We were given the chance to play “models” for a very special occasion. 

So we had our first practice at the local gym where the photos above were taken. I was so excited! Jed, the instructor asked each one to walk and strut at the imaginary runway. When it was my turn, I could just feel the beat of the music and see my reflection in the full-length mirrors and walked the best way I could. Looking at the mirror, I was pleased with what I am doing and Jed was also smiling at me as if he's saying that I'm "werquing" it right. He even asked me to walk again and told the others to study how I walk because I made myself look taller , my legs don't bend and etc. And I was thinking "This is a dream come true!" Haha. My friends also complimented me and said they never thought I could walk that way. 

I don't mean to sound so conceited or vain or anything, it's just it's one of those wonderful moments that I truly felt good about myself  and with what I am doing. Like for once, I could really pretend that I am a supermodel! Haha.

I guess we all have those childhood dreams. Perhaps, you dreamed to become Britney or Christina, or to be a rockstar or maybe an actress or an actor. It's just when we start growing up, we realize those dreams are just too crazy. But never too crazy to not come true. :)

Tell me, what are your secret dreams?


Thank you Toni Rose Romero for the photos! :)



I think everyone just loves scoring a cheap awesome fashion find. Personally, I love telling my gal pals on how I scored a cute top or a nice bag for a price much much less. Don't you think? 

Well then if you think so too, continue reading for I am about to blog and brag about my cheapest fashion finds!

So let's start with...

This tattered shorts I got only for P75.00 at a thrift shop in Davao. This is probably my most used and abused shorts since I can pair it just with anything. Needless to ask, denim is just so versatile, don't you think?

This pair of khaki shorts belong to my brother when he was still a little kid. Found it while I was rummaging in his closet.

 When worn, this becomes a high-waist shorts on me. I fold the hem to style it a little.

But the interesting part is that, when you look closely near the pocket, you'll see a BSP (Boy Scout of the Philippines) logo. Haha. See, all you need is a little imagination! When I wear this pair I tell people "Hey these are my brother's Boy Scout shorts!". Haha.

My sister bought this purple polo for me when she had thrift shopping with her friends. 
Guess what, this only costs P15.00! 

 The flowery print when you look closer.

Ah, this yellow sheer polo shirt  is probably my most favorite item in my closet because whenever I wear it, modesty aside, people always compliment it and yellow is my favorite color by the way. Hehe. When worn it is actually see-through so I wear it with a black camisole. My sister also gave this to me along with the purple polo above, and well, this costs only P15.00 too! 

Bright pink top scored at the local department store!

 Bags. The blue sling bag was my Mom's birthday gift to me. I use it whenever I'm out for a casual stroll with friends or whenever I'm doing errands. The sequined one - which can also be used as a clutch - is my go-to bag whenever there are formal occasions in school or whenever I'm attending a party. And lastly, the brown envelope clutch. I use it in school when I don't have to carry big books with me or sometimes I use it as a bag organizer.

 Belts can be useful accessories especially since in my university we observe a strict dress code. So my fashion choices constantly revolves in jeans and pants during Washday. So these cute belts really help in adding a dash color to a rather plain t-shirt and jeans ensemble. Each costs P60.00 and below! The yellow one with the bow tie is my most favorite.

How about you? What are the cheapest fashion finds you have in your closet?



Hello lovelies!

I am Anna, a 19-year old fashion savvy who hails from the sunny southern city of  General Santos.  And well, what really prompted me to put up this blog is the idea to share my fashion adventures for less. You name it, from thrift and vintage store finds, department store sales score and really, anything cheap and fancy hence the name CHIC CHEAPSKATE.

So let's skip the long introduction and we'll get to know each other along!

See you around!

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