Blur lang para maganda haha.
How's it going everybody?  I am not to go into details about the outfit since the whole look is very basic. Just love how thong sandals and a flouncy top could make jeans look girly. Don't you think?

Oh well sabel, since it's my blog I am about to brag endlessly on what's happening in my life. Haha. 

First, I landed a spot for internship on the Accounting firm I've been applying for. It felt good to be "HIRED!". 

Next, I'm one of the highest in our Law 2 exams. I'm blogging this since I want to convince you that you really become what show you watch. I was really inspired with  SUITS that's why. Ha.

Third, I placed second on the Essay Writing Contest I joined in school. It was about Women Equality and Empowerment since March is Women's Month. The cool catch is, I won myself 300 bucks! Not bad. I really felt like I was a millionaire after I received it. :)

And lastly, we had another internship seminar at a local hotel last Saturday and well, my outfit got complimented by the speaker. It was the same outfit I wore HERE only I paired the skirt with a hot pink top and black blazer. I could pass like a banker daw. Hihi.

I know I sound like bragging bitch in this post. But you know, you have to celebrate the little things in life.

 How about you? 
What are the little things you are celebrating for today?

Photos by:
Kristine Acharon 




My girl friends and I usually have a conversation on what peg or concept we would like to have if we can have a fashion photo shoot.We really are planning to have one if school will be less busy. 

We all want a fairy-bohemian theme. You know, that photo shoot na nasa may fields of grass, tapos complete with beautiful sun rays. You wear a flowery dress to match the flowery wreath worn on the head. Tapos takbo takbo kunware. I think every girl would like that. Haha.

 A Glam Shoot would be fine too just like the theme of Binibining Pilipinas this year :

   I like those concepts. But I like it more when it's effortless. 
And I just found the perfect peg!
 Feel at home lang teh? Haha

I really love this new fashion campaign of Alexa Chung for FRAY I.D. It's like you're just hanging out at your friend's place and you decided out-of-the-blue to take photos. You just lay in the couch, wear the simplest of clothes but  you still look very stylish. You also have very minimal make-up on and that perfectly tousled messy hair. 
Effortless but super chic.

Haayyy, a girl can dream. Haha.
 Ikaw? What photoshoot peg would you like? :)

 (Photos via Tumblr, Haute Affair, FRAY I.D.)


Ecstatic to come across these enchanting works of art by Charmaine Olivia
They are beyond stunning.
How I wish I could paint like this. 
Oh the ramblings of a wanna-be artist!

Artworks by: Charmaine Olivia




New month, new beginning. Chos. Haha. 
I don't know, but the first two months of 2013 wasn't that totally amazing for me. I was morphed into this anti-social person and was just a ball of walking awkwardness. Well, I've been through personal struggles and I'm just thankful that most of it are over and done. Everything is back into perspective now and I hope it stays this way for long. 

I feel genuinely happy today. For a long time, I've been short of supply of happiness. Haha. And yes, being happy on the first day of March is just worth blogging. I'd quote it from Paulo Coelho from the book Eleven Minutes: “Considering the way the world is, one happy day is almost a miracle.” 
I'm just happy to be back to my old and usual bubbly self.
Just a quick self-check post!

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