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This was my ensemble last Washday Wednesday at school. It's a typical jeans and plaid shirt combination. But the true star of this outfit is the black peep-toe wedge booties my Mom and I scored at the ukay-ukay for 50 bucks only! It added a few inches to my height (which I looove)  and best part, they are comfy to walk around in. They are functional yet stylish enough for school and not even a hassle for the commute going home. 

What was Jessica Simpson's song again? Oh right, these boots are totally made for walking... Haha

How's your midweek so far?




Wore this one last Sunday while hanging out with friends. Simple blue jersey dress paired with a psychedelic scarf.

Non-fashion topic, but can I just say that I love long conversations with my friends?
It's always therapeutic to the soul. Naks.
Darn, I'm so profound.
Quick post!




What I wore to my Yearbook Pictorial.
Can't wait to graduate!




"Feeling-Ko-I'm-So-Sexy-Epic-Fail-Shit-Face" Poses.





Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to my super gorgeous and lovely sister from the same mister...

Mae Laurence :)

It's her birthday today! Would you believe she's already 23??? Haha. Mas babyface pa siya kesa akin.

Let me share to you things about my sizzy...

I couldn't be more blessed to have a sister like her. She's one of my first playmates. Childhood was memorable and happy because she's part of it. I remember we used to imagine na si Richard at Lucy parents niya and sa akin si Zsa-Zsa at si Dolphy. She's pink, I am yellow. She's the doctor, I am the nurse. And I remember mas takot pa ako sa Ate ko kesa sa nanay namin because she was always the "disciplinarian". Isang tiger eye niya lang, takot na ako. It was really fun growing up with her. (But come to think of it, we really didn't grow up.)

We like the same things, songs, blogs, and even people to talk about. Haha. She's the jolliest and most sanguine person I know. She's always a happy and funny thought. She never runs out of jokes na always havey. (Minsan nga mga punchline ko, galing sa kanya). Whenever we are under a family crisis, she always remain positive and never the worrier type. She turns things into comical instead and just make us laugh. She's strong and always ready to take her position as the "Ate" especially after our Daddy died.

But what I really look up to her is her ability with people and how she maintains friendship with them. I remember once naglalakad kami sa mall, she was back after a job stint from Butuan, and she bumped into four people all of whom she hugged and shared a laugh with. 

To you Ate Mae (hoy bakla...haha)... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
Thank you for everything. I miss you so much. All our chikka and skemfet.
I love you. 
We love you.
Enjoy your day.Nan. 

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