"The weird thing is that although I've never actually been to New York, 
I already feel an affinity toward it.
~Becky Bloomwood, Shopaholic Takes Manhattan

I can TOTALLY relate to Miss Bloomwood. I'm seriously convinced that in my past lifetime, I was a New Yorker. One does not need to explain why they dream to be in NYC. IT'S NEW YORK CITY. Period. It's the place to be. I feel like almost every movie I've seen, book I've read  and TV series I've watched (except for Game of Thrones of course), New York City is the setting. Jay-Z and Alicia even made a song about it. 

And! Speaking of NYC...weeks ago my highschool friend and then seatmate, Julmar posted this on my wall:

Here's me and Julmar way back in highschool, year 2009:
(This is the only photo I could find of him and me. Yes, we are covered in mud. This was taken after a certain training.)

And here is what he posted in his IG during his NY trip:

I was so ecstatic for him! :))
I felt proud for him too. I was like "Hey, that's my friend in NYC!". It's the same proud feeling you feel when you watch someone with Filipino blood joining American Idol or a Filipino talent being interviewed in The Ellen Degeneres Show. Haha. Back in high school, we used to just talk dreamily of going  to New York and now, Julmar made it. AKO RIN! Julmar took 20 years of dreaming ako siguro mga 50 years? Haha. 

I was really inspired because realistically and literally speaking, New York is so far away.
But looking at my dear friend, I feel closer to New York. *dreamy soft sigh*


In the mean time, I guess this will do.



The "headquarters" for our photoshoot was Nise's place. Everybody just brought in whatever they thought was useful for the shoot. Pat brought her curling-iron, Kim her make-up and Staven his picnic mantel. It was really our own production. 

Props to Akemi! She did the Amy Whinehouse-ish winged-eyed make-up to us.
Since I don't know much about make-up, Akemi did the whole thing for me. Thanks sort! :)

We didn't have the luxury of time to map out our outfits. We just agreed to keep it colorful and vibrant. As it turned out, the colors of our ensembles complemented each other. It just matched! Thanks Pat for letting me borrow your shorts! :)

The people behind the lens deserves just as much airtime!
 Staven arranging our hair and directing us.
Selfie muna sila!
Miss photographer in working mode.
Ang mga apparatus boss? Secured na? Haha.

And of course, a photoshoot will not be complete without fooling and goofing around :)
Fit your face sa screen :))

A happy meal to end the tiring but super saya day! 
Thank you photographer for treating us dinner! :))




We've been planning for so long to have a fun photoshoot and finally, here it is!
It's our FIRST TIME together to have this kind of "production", kaya NEON-PHYTES pa kami. Haha.  :)
 Cover the kili-kili! :D
 Mermaid pose
What's so funny??? Haha


Photography and Post-Processing by: Nise Romero
Make-up by: Akemi Calamian
Photoshoot Pogi Assistants: Staven Bangcaya and Melvin Cabelin
Mowdels: Anna Bahinting, Akemi Calamian, Kristine Acharon, Charm Emnace
Location: Sports Complex, Calumpang, General Santos City

The story behind the photoshoot and more BTS photos on the next post! :)



Did I just greet myself? Haha.

YEY!!! I can't believe this blog has been up for a year already. :))

Just like any other girls out there, I am inspired by fashion bloggers like Jane Aldridge, Rumi Neely, Nicole WarneJessica Stein and locally, Laureen UyCamille Co and Kryz Uy (to name a few). I would swoon and browse endlessly at their blogs and wish upon a star that someday I could have my own blog.

It was semestral break last year that I finally had the courage to put up this blog. I was so bored. Haha. Really, I'm just trying to sound funny but deep down, it has been years that I've been pre-meditating and planning to create and maintain my personal online space. I was skeptical at first because I don't have the proper resources. But I had the passion and conviction that I just can't shake. Indeed, if there's a will, there's a way. The point is, just get your shiz out there and do it wholeheartedly.

Although I was inspired mainly by personal style blogs, this humble blog of mine is more than just about fashion (fashion-for-less in my case). It is also about life, its goodness and things to be grateful about despite all the craziness and struggles (naks, profound!). It has become my diary of sorts. It serves as an artistic outlet for my childish ideas and somehow, an avenue to unleash the inner-slash-frustrated writer in me.

This blog, albeit it may seem narcissistic in the long run, keeps me in track of my own life and self. It pushes me to be at my best because after all, I had the audacity to show off myself in the world. Also, this blog keeps me up on my feet. It makes me look forward about something. Whenever I have a concept in my mind that I want to materialize here, I always get very excited.  Have you ever felt that energized and hyped-up kind of feeling? That's what I feel. It doubles more when I see my ideas come to life in this blog with the help of my lovely friends. I'd feel a great sense of fulfillment whenever I'd hit the "Publish" button. Best feeling in the world? Doing what you love. :)

NOW, this blog wouldn't be conceived and last a year (so far) without the help of a couple of people. I'd like to give a shout out to my friends for making fun of my blog. HAHAHA. Joke. But really, I want to thank my friends for supporting me no matter how lame my ideas are. 

I'd just like to give a SPECIAL THANK YOU and HEART HADOUKENS 
to my dear friend, Kristine Acharon
Thank you ish for inspring me to do this whole blog thing. 
I've said this countless times that you're one of the chic-est persons I know. It feels so nice to do "blogger" things with you. It's great to have a partner in crime or better yet, a style sister. Thank you too for helping me with the photo contents for this blog. :)

Visit her lovely blog at The World According to Kristine

also goes to my equally dear friend, Nise Romero
You've probably seen her name on every post of mine. I declare that she is this blog's "resident" photographer. She's responsible for most of the visuals and photos of this blog. Thank you Nise for painstakingly keeping up with my annoyance to take photos of me and upload it. Thank you for always being patient. Haha. You're one budding photographer to reckon with.
 Let's shoot some more! :)


Most importantly, THANK YOU!
(Photo found at WeHeartIt)

Whoever you are reading this, thank you for dropping by my humble online nook. 
Thank you for wandering at this side of the cyberspace.
I am happy to share not only my cheap sartorial choices but also the "happy-nings" in my life in the past year and hopefully in the years to come. 

Congratulations! You just wasted your time! HAHAHAHA
Jeez, I hope I didn't bore you.
 Visit again!




My friends and I saw this poster at the school bulletin board and the set of speakers sparked our interest. Pogi kasi si Leeroy New! Haha. Kidding aside though, I've seen Leeroy New's artworks in magazines before that is why he is somehow familiar to me. I've also read a feature about Jen Gerodias-Diaz and Snoe in a Preview Magazine. 

My friends and I were excited of the idea of seeing and learning from these young and successful people.
(Photo via GenSan News Online Mag )

So last August 30, we all trooped at SM City GenSan Trade Hall to participate in The Next Big Thing Summit 2013. If I recall correctly, this was after our Midterm Exams. 
Obviously, this is a very late post but I'd still like to share the experience because it was really inspiring. :)

The first speaker was Ms. Jen Gerodias-Diaz.
I liked her in an instant because she was very bubbly. Her aura was just fabulous and that's not a wonder because she is the founder of quirky beauty brand Snoe Beauty Inc. 
She reminded of Becky Bloomwood from the Confessions of A Shopaholic. She was very kikay but she talks very smart as well. She dispensed 10 helpful tips on how to achieve your dreams. I cannot really recall now all the 10 tips since I wasn't taking note. I was too caught up listening to her animated talk.

But the very point of her talk is that we should all follow our PASSION. She shared that Snoe Beauty Inc.stemmed out from her passion for make-up and shopping. And where is Snoe Beauty Inc. now? Well, they are one of the fastest growing beauty brand here in the Philippines and they were tapped by Urban Outfitters to stock their products. During her talk, my heart was in a flutter because truly she is a living testament that being girly girl and being business savvy can be mixed. :)
( Like SNOE BEAUTY INC. on Facebook! )

The next speaker was Mr. Ralph Wunsch, founder and CEO of  METRODEAL.
His talk focused more on the various online trends, the perks of E-Commerce and how is the internet affecting our lifestyle. He even made us watch this funny video that I first stumbled at Patty Laurel's blog. He encouraged us to try  E-Commerce because it has a really big potential.

The last speaker was renowned artist Leeroy New.
As what I said earlier, his name was already familiar to me. I've read a couple of features about him and his collaboration with fashion designer Kermit Tesoro in making Lady Gaga's costume. BUT! It was really a shock to me to find out that he was actually born here in Gensan. Kaya pala I felt an instant connection. Haha!
His talk centered on his art and masterpieces. He flashed at the screen his various works and shared to us the story behind each masterpiece. I was really impressed by him. Aside from his looks (haha), he really is a fascinating artist and worthy of admiration. He is dabbling on fashion, visual arts, installations, and even production set designing. He even showcased some of his masterpieces abroad. Truly amazing. He made me appreciate art more and I've seen art in a different perspective after his talk.

Photo op with Mr. Ralph Wunsch after the summit.

Le proof of participation!
(Ph: Nise Romero)

It was a six-hour summit but it was really worthy! All of us went home feeling inspired after hearing from these very engaging personalities. I felt happy that they were gracious enough to pass on to us their modern-day wisdom.

Can't wait for another opportunity to learn! :)




Ate naka-trucker cap

Let's imagine we are in the streets of Paris! Nyahaha

Ate naka-backless

Ang ganda ng view! Haha

Olivia Palermo

Nise Romero, in front of the lens this time.
(Foreign photos via The Sartorialist; photos by: Nise Romero and Staven Bangcaya)

Here I go again with my usual PEG-REALITY photos. Really, pure nonsense.
We were at Staven's place one Saturday for a group work and while taking a break, we decided to bike around. Feels refreshing to be childish around with friends. Haha. 

On a more serious note, let's not forget to pray for our brothers and sisters in Visayas who were literally shaken by the 7.2 earthquake.

In real life, life is kinda stressful so it's good once in awhile to indulge in some folly and nonsense. :)
It's good to "hallucinate" once in awhile that I'm in Paris, just biking around. Haha.

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