Who is that girl I see, staring straight back at me? When will my reflection show who am I inside...lalalalala Sing with me! Hahaha.

These photos were taken a month ago, when Kim, Pat and I had our "Make-Up Session" at my place. Just girls being girls hihi. Click HERE for Pat's version and for more photos.

It's the beginning of the year and I guess most of us are busy thinking of resolutions and things to change about ourselves. It can be resolutions about beauty, fashion, fitness, or just plain personal. All I can say is, good luck! Haha. I've come up with my own resolutions already and knowing myself, I think it's best to keep it for myself first.

Anyway, since we are already on the subject of selfies, here's a video from Dove which I find so inspiring. :)

 This is a bit off topic but I just wanna share how last Thursday went:

I woke up feeling lazy yet at the same time relieved because classes are cancelled. I don't have to hurry for my 10:30am class. I was lying at my bed and staring blankly at the ceiling thinking how to spend away another day. Around 2:30pm I got a call from Staven and he invited me over at a local cafe where the rest of my friends are hanging out. I dragged myself to take a bath and dressed up.

To make this nonsense story short:
I went at the cafe, chat up with friends and we met a little girl named Annika.She just came over at our table while her Mommy was busy having a meeting. Why are kids so English these days? Haha. We played hide and seek, talked a little and showed off what things we can do with folded paper. Airplane, boat, ribbon....kids are so easy to make friends with as long as you know how to speak in English!

After, I went to meet someone to do some auditing work then I called a schoolmate to help me over. After the auditing job, I and the said schoolmate engaged in a conversation about the French language which I find interesting because it's not everyday you find someone to talk about the French language with. My favorite French word is "merde" by the way. Hahaha. Joke!

Then Kim and I went at the grocery to buy peanut butter. While on our way, I bumped into a family friend. You know, that older childhood "kuya" friend you always have a crush with. I got kilig after our high-five.Hihihi.

We stopped by Booksale before going home. I was checking if the coffee table book I've been eyeing for ages is still there. Thank heavens it's still there. I'm still waiting for the price to go down. Cheapskate here. 

Before the night ends, I bumped into another beautiful friend. We were having a little chat and while in the middle of it, she let out her newly-bought The Fault in Our Stars book! I could just feel my bibliophilic bells tingling! She let me borrow it with the promise of returning it as soon as I finish reading it and with plastic cover. Haha. God bless awesome friends with awesome books. :)

Speaking of TFIOS, I'm still head over heels with the fact that I have in my hands now a copy of it. I've spent the whole of yesterday reading it. I watched the trailer too. I can't waitttt. :3

I honestly want to write a meaningful blog post about self-reflection and all but I really cannot compartmentalize my thoughts. Sorry for ending up instead with a post on how random my Thursday turned out. 

I guess I have to borrow it from John Green and The Fault in Our Stars:


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