Here's the grad pic I've been rambling about in my previous post. Notice that stray hair untucked in my left ear? How untidy. Haha.

Anyway, it's been days already after graduation and the past few days have been a slew of happy-nings. We had our Thanksgiving celebration with family (I'm the last one to finally graduate, this is for you Dad). Then I went job hunting under the scorching heat of the sun and this weekend was our college-ender barkada getaway (to be shared soon). 

But the whole "I'm-done-with-school-time-to-face-the-real-world" thing is not yet totally sinking in me. Medyo slow poke pa. Haha. Sometimes, I feel like there will still be school this coming June. Like once, I caught myself thinking what notebook to buy. Haha. I was thinking of the same routine with friends at school and life will just stay the same. But NO of course it's not. Life will happen soon or if not, it already is. Friends will go their own way and chase their dreams.Routines will be different. Life will change. BIGTIME.

It's seems it was only yesterday that I was making my highschool year ender blog post and now, here I am typing and reminiscing my whole college sojourn. A lot can be said about college. I must say, all the cliches are true. A roller-coaster ride, the most memorable four years of your life, an eye-opener and so on. It's really somehow ridiculous to try to sum up all the happy-nings, memories, struggles, experiences, crazy things and lessons I've learned and gone through college simply because there were too many and some are just ineffable. Chos.

But one thing is for sure: college changed me, in a good way. 

My perspective of the world changed and my understanding of people widened. I got to figure out myself better (though I have to admit there is still so much to find out and improve). I got to learn a lot of things both academically and real-life wisdom. I got to survive procrastination, deadlines and whatnot. And best of all, I got to meet awesome friends that I will all hold close dear to my heart. Cheeeeesy. But you know, I remind myself rin naman to tone down sentimentality and face reality. Haha.

I've been on alone-time trips lately and muni-muni moments of what to do with my life. It's thrilling and scary all at the same time. We just keep on bumping with contradictions in life, don't we? It's saddening because you'll be apart with friends and yet it's exciting because of the endless possibilities of meeting out new people out there. 

It's the end but really,  it's only just beginning. Chos.
Real world, please be nice to me!!! :))


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