Wow, it's been awhile since I last blogged. There were a lot of attempts of doing so and a couple of drafts posts are idly hanging but I never got the chance to finish it all up and publish it since I'd stop myself and say "nah, this is uninteresting."

As I scroll past my previous posts, I couldn't help but laugh at myself. I marvel at my younger self for being so open and being brave enough to be nonsense while trying to be sensible. And now I wonder where did all my courage and energy to put up all those stories go? Truthfully, a lot can change in a year. I graduated, got a job, plunged in the real world and started looking at life in a different perspective.

My 2014 was life-turning and transforming. I learned and realized A LOT. I shared previously that I was having a "Quarter Life Transformation" as cheesy as that sounds. But speaking of, here's a beautiful piece from Camie Juan which pretty much summarizes what I've been feeling (or maybe what most of us are feeling). But let's not get there for now. Wag muna senti, okay lang muna muni-muni. haha

As I look back at my 2014 Goals, I feel a sense of fulfillment that I got to achieve most of it such as finishing a college degree, making it for the first time on the Dean's List, traveling out of town with friends, moving back in Davao and slowly establishing a career I'm learning to love. But the time frame of my goals didn't pan out exactly as I planned it. For an instance, I was targeting to have a job by June and ended up having it by August instead. I was so anxious with the waiting but luckily the wait was worthy. I'm now in a company I'm grateful to be a part of. That's the beauty of life and that's when I appreciate God's perfect timing more. Truly, let go and let God.

Speaking of year, everyone's doing all these year-ender posts and I thought why not make a year-beginner post? Hence the photo above of me, looking ahead. It was taken last 2011, a throwback you say, but that's exactly how I picture myself and my life right now: LOOKING AHEAD. And there's the sky because sky's the limit.

Earlier today, I had my morning run, passed by the church to have a morning prayer (or more like asking God for guidance for the rest of the year) and took off to jogging routes that I haven't trailed before while greeting hangover strangers along the way a Happy New Year.

The streets were partly deserted and the roads were clear. I was running like crazy with arms wide open while Adele's Chasing Pavements (so apt) playing on my earphones. Call it whatever but true story. For once it was so damn nice to feel infinite. I just can't contain my gratitude and excitement knowing that I have this freedom in my hands and knowing that my life and how it will turn out is DEFINITELY up to me.

This year will be different, positively different. I'm excited to make another set of goals and plans especially now that I can finance myself. Haha. I'm praying for another year of self-discovery and growth, travel (which entails saving of course), maturity, good health and a healthier spiritual life.

As for love, it's always on the agenda but not yet the top priority. But we'll see.

 And to quote Maya Angelou:
Life loves to be taken by the lapel and told: 'I'm with you kid. Let's go.'

So long 2014! Thank you for the lessons learned hard.
I'm with you 2015. Let's go. Let's rock.

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