Around this time last summer, I did one of the most thrilling and daring thing (so far) in my nineteen years of existence, CLIFF DIVING!
 I already blogged about it HERE.

And here's the video:

Pardon the whole shaky video. Supposedly it's meant just for friends and personal consumption but then I really wanna share it. Pardon too if you hear me mouthing expletives, (P*****a!!!), na carried away lang talaga. Ikaw ba naman tumalon from 15 feet down diba?  Haha. 

Happy Thursday!




Hola!  I'm in  Davao at the moment to settle some things, see friends and family and well, have a mini-vacation before my last year of college starts (OMG, SENIOR YEAR!!!). Anyhoo...
This is not Bahay ni Lola, it's actually something better than that. Haha.
This is Legaspi Suites a boutique hotel located right in the smack of Davao City. Whenever I pass by this quaint establishment before, I can't help but gaze and wonder. It has this Old World charm that makes me want to go inside and explore. Luckily yesterday, I finally had the chance to get inside! It was real nice and cute. I felt like I was transported to Europe in an instant. (Eat, Pray, Love is my current summer read and I told myself  "I'll imagine that I'm in Italy!" Haha.)

Wesly and Jess, my highschool bestfriends, were just the perfect company to explore the place! 
We catched-up with each other at Tata Benito's, a cute cafe just inside the establishment compound.
How I love my girls! It's always refreshing and revivifying spending time with them. :)

Here are the photos we snapped!
Girl, di yan temple, bahay yan friend. 
Oh diba? Parang may-ari lang ng bahay??

It felt so good spending the whole day with my gal pals (too bad our other friend, Cess, weren't with us.) We walked around the streets of downtown Davao feeling like we are in New York City. I just love that me and my girls share the same whims and crazy imagination. It was so fun that we all talked non-stop! There were a lot of stories to tell and hear, catching up with each other's lives. We talked about just everything, from fashion, gossip, people, ideas, NYC dreams and even politics (like, "OMG, Ang hot ni Sen. Sonny Angara" - Lol).   I love how we could be both nonsensical and philosophical, deep and shallow.

We stayed at Wesly's place and watched 500 Days of Summer until we dozed off.

Fun day :)




Let me intellectually explain the title.  
"Gora" is the nauusong gay word for "Go!" while "Bora" is well, para lang mag-rhyme. Haha.
This is the magnificent shores of Gumasa, Saranggani Province.
 I may not be qualified to say this - I've never been to Boracay  - but it can seriously give Boracay a run for its money. Some people are actually dubbing Gumasa as the "next Boracay" or if not, "Boracay of the South".  

Since this paradise is only an hour and thirty minutes away from General Santos City, me and my friends packed our things and went. Kaya yun, "Gora na sa Bora!" :)

The view while going to the place was already amazing. 
That's why we stopped in the middle of the road for a photo op! 
Oo, kitang-kitang ang amazing view. Haha. 
But if you move the camera farther left (imagine nalang), the sea and mountains are overlooking. 

We stayed at White Haven Beach Resort.
My first time at Gumasa was last 2008 with cousins. It was love at first step at the fine sand. Haha.
 Back then, it wasn't really that developed. But now, a lot of amenities and activities are offered by various resorts.

Funny thing lang that our cottage was aptly named "PAGODA".
If you translate that in gay lingo it means  "pagod" or "tired". Haha. 
(In fairness, nakakangawit maging letter E. Chos!)
We played SHOT PONG! First time ko. Hihi.
With my fellow "blogger", my ish, Kristine.
 When we were taking photos, our friends kept teasing us kasi daw  for our "blogs".
BLAGS. Haha!
My plan was to spread my scarf in the sand and read Eat, Pray, Love while the sun is burning my skin. But there's just so  many things to do especially if you're with friends. So, hanggang picture nalang. Haha.

We stayed overnight and we even witnessed (from afar) a beach wedding. They had cute light lanterns flying during that night and a sky full of stars. Romantic. It was such a nice breather because most of us just had our internship done.

I realized that one of my greatest pleasures in life is floating at the calm sea while staring at the serene sky and nothing particular in mind.  :)

What's yours?

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“And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair”

― Kahlil Gibran  ♥

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