(A little late post but Christmas Season pa naman!)

The blog title is a long story so I think I have to keep it as our inside friendship joke. Haha. Anyhoo, perhaps all of us could feel nostalgia when we look back on our grade school and even highschool Christmas parties. The excitement of giving gifts and receiving in return and even the thrill of having new clothes. Kasi diba, tuwing birthday lang or Christmas may bagong damit? Haha. When you're already in college, Christmas parties are no longer customary unlike in grade school and highschool. Kaya kanya-kanyang effort and organize. So last December 20, we had our "barkada" Christmas Party and exchanging of gifts at Pahayahay. 

What I really enjoyed most was the exchanging of gifts. Why? Because almost everybody took the effort to surprise their respective Kris Kringle. It involved a bit of acting and white lies para di mabisto. Tapos may GMs pa (in my case, blog post and GM) at parinig ng mga gusto na gift. Hihihi.

As for me, I got - guess what- a BOOK!!! Turned out Kent picked me. Ang saya lang kasi it's a John Green book plus two authors. So natupad talaga yung nasa  book wishlist ko! Haha. 

And as for the outfit post:
(Ph: Kristine Acharon)

The night didn't end there! 




 I'm not sure if Santa trawls over the internet now to have an idea what are on the wishlists of people who are neither naughty or nice this year. But I just feel like sharing to the world (I hope North Pole has an internet connection) what books and coffee table books that catch my fancy and would love to have this Christmas (hehe). I just really want to update my Goodreads more often. :)

1. John Green Box Set

 2. Parisian Chic: A Style Guide by Ines de la Fressange

3. DECORATE by Holly Becker & Joanna Copestick

4. Any book by Haruki Murakami

5. The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin

And speaking of Christmas, Santa and wishes, here's a video I found at Patty Laurel's blog. 
I got teary eyed sa inggit! Haha. The reactions are priceless. AMAZING.




Some snippets of our "Single Girls Day Out" last Friday. I was with my lovely friends, Pat and Kim. We watched Catching Fire and this particular line in the movie struck me:

Peeta: "See Katniss, the way the whole "friend" thing works is that you have to tell each other the deep stuff." 

It was very striking because the girls and I were really planning to have a heart to heart conversation about some matters. Uhmm, matters of the heart to be specific. We are together almost everyday but some of our conversations just revolve around the obvious and the superficial. So we set aside Friday to really talk and tell each other "the deep stuff". (I have this theory that small talk is literally cheap while real conversations are not. It has to be at a fancy cafe and over frappuccino that costs more than a hundred bucks).

Anyway, we were in a hurry because we watched Catching Fire twice at the cinema. It was that nice. After the movie, they grabbed frappuccino at CBTL. There, we shot Pat her outfit pics for the day (you can check it out in her blog ) and we sat for awhile. But then, there goes our curfew. Bummer. We have to go home. We haven't really talked as planned.

Anyhoo, it was still a happy day spent with the girls.
There's always a next time. :)




My kind of sexy. Haha. How I wish!

I was blog-hopping as usual and found these sexy film photographs of Kryz Uy. Perhaps you've stumbled upon it too if you're also a fan. Jeez, allow me to say: She's smokin HOT! I love the way the photographs are done with class. Sexy and skin-baring but very tasteful. Like hey, Maria Clara can rock a sexy swimsuit too!

I poll my gal pals who among the Philippine top fashion bloggers they admire most, and Kryz Uy is the unanimous decision. Her style is very much relatable. Never over the top but still chic. I couldn't agree more.

Talk about girl-crushing mode.

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