Jeez, we are now down on the last day of July. Time is flying so fast...faster than a G6. Haha.
Anyhoo,  since I am now on my last college year, I have fewer units and that means less subjects.
I have tons of free time and well, I'd just like to share some things that helped me kill time and fight boredom...

Wicker Park

I like this movie because its plot is unusual. It reminded me of "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind". This movie made me realize that movie plots actually happen in real life, ONLY we don't have live cameras rolling in real life so we never know. Don't you think? Okay, weird thoughts. Haha.

I was so smitten with the classic kissing scene at the airport with Coldplay's "The Scientist" playing at the background. Awesome.

Game of Thrones

I know this series is very well-loved and it was only this month that I finally had the chance to see it. After three consecutive sleepless days and deep eye bags to deal with, I finished Season 1 til Season 3! I was so attached to the series that I even dreamed of The Hound hounding me. Haha. Too bad they killed Robb Stark and Talisa. They were my favorite couple in the series and they had a nice love story. Oh well, Game of Thrones is not for the hopeless romantics.

Anyhoo, let's see what happens in Season 4! I wonder who'll be the next dead Stark...(Gasp!)

"One Hundred Years of Solitude" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

I've always  been intrigued about the works of Garbriel Garcia Marquez and that's no wonder since he's a Nobel Prize Winner. With luck, I stumbled upon this book at the school library so I took the chance to read this classic. The whole plot reminded me of Jose Rizal's "Noli Me Tangere" and "El Filibusterismo" --- the books we were all required to read back in highschool.

I find this book a nice read. I mean it's a classic right? It's very deep and perhaps it could pass for an adult read. But it made me ponder on some real things and thoughts about life.

"Norwegian Wood" by Haruki Murakami

My friend Toni lent me this book and I loooove it! 
I wanted to quote EVERY LINE of the characters. This is the kind of book that you just want to read all over again right after you just finished it. It is so "relatable" because the characters are just about my age and college students as well. So some of their thoughts were my thoughts too.It's both a heavy and light read. There were serious things tackled too like suicide and all. How I love the character of MIDORI! :)

I spent the whole of last weekend just reading and re-reading this book. Perfect for the bed-weather!
Time wasted for reading is a time well wasted indeed.

How about you? What are you up to?




Wednesday means NO UNIFORM DAY.
And just last Wednesday, we decided to wear again our "Friendship Shirt".
(Yeah, we officially call it the "Friendship Shirt". How childish noh?)

We were walking at the school field and we spotted a carpentry "something" area.
There were lockers that were being repainted and wooden stool chairs were scattered.
And guess what we imagined....

 Julia Barretto on the June 2013 cover of Preview


HAHAHAHA! So do you get the title now? "Feeling Julia"
And everyone took turns on taking a photo on the wooden stool. Haha.



 Nise and Staven


Speaking of our dear friend Kristine, that same day we also helped her with her cool " fashion project". 
Check it out in her blog (Click HERE )

I know they'll find it korny of me to say this, but how I loooove these creatures.Hihi. :))

Till the  next post!




In this time of camera phones, iPods, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, when one does not have a photo of a happening, it didn't happen. But that's not the truth of course. Just like the case last Friday.  

The whole group was invited by Pat/Kristine to hang-out at their place after a week of stressful exams. It was for us to relax and celebrate. We all trooped together at their place despite the threats of rain.We sang videoke (sans microphone), we danced along with the Xbox Dance thing and challenged each other. We had burgers and chips and Pat even bought a cake with "HELL YEAH, EXAM'S OVER" all over it just to emphasize our celebration.

We literally brought the party in Pat's place by blasting real loud music and danced foolishly like no one's watching. It was sooo fun because everyone was unguarded. Everyone was really having a good time. We all danced foolishly and no one really cared if we all looked crayzeeeehhh!!! Haha. Sexy dance. Party dance. Low jerk. We danced it all!!!

Sadly, Pat's camera memory card got reformatted. Dyahe nga eh. It was disheartening at first but then we thought, "Hey, the important thing is we had fun and no amount of photos could actually justify how much awesome time we had." :)

I  just really feel like sharing this. 
There may be no pictures to brag about in Facebook or even in this blog, but who cares?
We had soooo much fun. :)

No picture? No problem.




Last July 6, 2013 was our Black and White College Acquaintance Party. The theme was simple and basic black and white to pay respect to our college dean who just passed away. May his soul rest in peace.
 Anyway, let's not dwell on sad thoughts now.

For most of us in the barkada, it's already our last year in college so we decided to come up with something memorable. We came up with an idea to wear shirts with our flaws boldly printed on it. 

 Glee Season 2 "Born This Way" Episode

TADAAA!!! :))) Oh diba? Pwede na!

 (L-R) Luigi as SUPLADO, myself as KORNY, Charm as MATARAY, Nise as MANHID, Staven as MAREKLAMO

(L-R) Kent as MATAMPUHIN, Pat as IYAKIN, Akemi as EPAL and Melvin as MAYABANG.

As you can see, I'm Miss KORNY:
At first I can't pick one nega attitude kasi andami.
PAPANSIN, O.A, KURIPOT, ANNOYING...were on the list but KORNY topped it all. Haha.

And as for my outfittey:
 Aztec Printed Leggings bought only for P199.00 #cheapskate
Changed into flats later on. Di keri mag-heels all day! :)
I'm KORNY. #idontcareiloveit

Ikaw,what's your flaw?

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