In this time of camera phones, iPods, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, when one does not have a photo of a happening, it didn't happen. But that's not the truth of course. Just like the case last Friday.  

The whole group was invited by Pat/Kristine to hang-out at their place after a week of stressful exams. It was for us to relax and celebrate. We all trooped together at their place despite the threats of rain.We sang videoke (sans microphone), we danced along with the Xbox Dance thing and challenged each other. We had burgers and chips and Pat even bought a cake with "HELL YEAH, EXAM'S OVER" all over it just to emphasize our celebration.

We literally brought the party in Pat's place by blasting real loud music and danced foolishly like no one's watching. It was sooo fun because everyone was unguarded. Everyone was really having a good time. We all danced foolishly and no one really cared if we all looked crayzeeeehhh!!! Haha. Sexy dance. Party dance. Low jerk. We danced it all!!!

Sadly, Pat's camera memory card got reformatted. Dyahe nga eh. It was disheartening at first but then we thought, "Hey, the important thing is we had fun and no amount of photos could actually justify how much awesome time we had." :)

I  just really feel like sharing this. 
There may be no pictures to brag about in Facebook or even in this blog, but who cares?
We had soooo much fun. :)

No picture? No problem.


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