It's an accurate thing to say that I'm the type of person who gets overwhelmed easily. The holidays and beginning of the year have been nothing short of overwhelming (for my standards) both in a crazy and good way. The first week of the year has been eventful to say at least. Now, I'm thankful  that I got back somehow my literary bearings and a clear mind ready for some catharsis.

I've been meaning to write an obligatory year-end post but decided to write a Gratitude Entry instead. Rather than recounting the events of the year that was, I guess it's more rewarding to list down things I am truly grateful for. I quote:
“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” (William Arthur Ward)

Looking back at 2013, I am most grateful for the ties and relationships I've established. 

I'm forever grateful for the people around me. I am grateful for my family. I am grateful that my brother and sister are trying to become the best persons they can be. I am grateful for my Mom who is always our source of self-less love and care. I am grateful my siblings were both home for Christmas and when New Year came, we were all enveloped in a tight bear hug in each other's arms.

And when I say family, I also mean my extended loved ones. I am thankful for my loving aunts and uncles who never cease to be there for us no matter what. I am thankful for their generosity, patience and never-ending understanding.

I am thankful for my friends. 
I can be at my most natural and real self whenever I'm with them and best part, there's no judging. They see right through me and I see right through them. Whenever I need to hear a loving compliment or a constructive criticism, they are always there to say it to me for my own sake. I'm thankful that at most times, I don't have to explain myself and yet they "get" me. I am thankful for their time, listening ears and endless tolerance to my annoying-ness and korny-ness.

I am thankful people still find in their hearts to forgive a lame person like me. Despite my excuses, shortcomings, and even disappointing them, I'm still a recipient of their understanding.
I am thankful for all the struggles. If it weren't for it, I wouldn't have a new-found courage. Life truly rewards you through difficulties.

I am thankful for all the little presents I got for Christmas. I don't mean to sound materialistic but it warms the heart to be a recipient of someone else's thoughtfulness.

I am thankful that I am down to my (hopefully) last three months of college. The possibilities will be endless soon and I'm surely anticipating!

I am thankful for optimism. It pedals you to move forward and hope for a better year.

I am thankful for angels. I know they are there and they really look after us.

I am thankful for good books and awesome authors.They make life worth living.

I am grateful I got to buy a new pen, highlighter and colorful file organizers. It's always humbling to find happiness in the little things.

I am thankful I've got this blog, a personal space for me to write and share.

I am grateful that I can be creature capable of consoling and comforting. Nothing matters more in life than being there for someone in times of need.

I am grateful for life and what it has given me.

Most importantly, I AM TRULY GRATEFUL TO GOD, the BIG-GUY up there who is responsible and the source for all of these wonderful people and things. His love is truly self-less and boundless. :)


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