Photos from a quick Sunday morning pool with my cousin a few weeks ago.

If you happen to notice in the first photo, I got my hair cut short and had it "repaired" (i.e rebond). Oh no! Andyan na si crush! Hahaha. I must admit that I kind of miss my old, long, thick and wavy hair. I miss the feeling of waking up in the morning and my messy hair is all over my face and then I get to smell that no-shampoo-for-two-days salty kind of scent it emits. Hmmmm! I even miss my nasty habit of plucking out dead hair or cutting out horrible split-ends. No joke.

Also, while I'm now enjoying this new straighter and thinner hair of mine, I must suffer the consequence of not allowing my hair to get wet with chlorine-filled pools or even the seawater for a year. Which kind of sucks because I really like swimming and floating and the beach. Sigh. See? The things we sacrifice for vanity. 

Needless to say, I didn't really enjoy the water and the pool pictured above. I was just knee-dipping while looking at my cousin with jealousy as she enjoyed the pool all to herself. Sad.

But all in all, I'm quite contented with the result. It's high-time to welcome change because frankly, if I look at my previous photos nothing really much have changed - at least in physical terms - about me. (Not even my freakin' height!) And wait till you see my graduation pic! I had a fuggin stray hair untucked behind my ear. :(

Speaking of graduation, I CAN'T WAIT! It's only a few days away. But I'll save all my mushy musings about that in another post.

So that's it. 
I don't even know how one can relate the photos above with my writing content. Lol.


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