If I am not mistaken, these photos were taken last December 21, 2012 - when the world was supposedly to end. It was the last day of our examinations and the last day of school for the year 2012. I spent it with my friends and we sang our hearts out with videoke and well, the rest of the night was a blur. Haha.

How's your holidays? Christmas was a bit lonely than lovely for me honestly because my siblings weren't home. You know, what's Christmas without family? But then, I'd like to quote "Christmas is not a time nor a season, not a state of mind." So there. I should be more grateful that despite everything, we are still blessed.

 I am actually hoping for a merrier New Year celebration.
 And speaking of which, what are your resolutions?

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I love how effortlessly chic they look with just their comfy t-shirt on.

Zanita Morgan of  ZANITA

Photo via ORACLE FOX

A little non-fashion related but 12-12-12 has been good to me so far. :)
How about you?




I am such a pathetic loser.
And I say that wholeheartedly with no offense to myself! Haha.
It's just I've been causing my life shallow misery just because I feel it lacks some drama and luster. This is what I get for having such an overactive imagination. Bottom line is that, no matter how badly I want to be treated like a grown-up woman, deep down I am still a naive kid at heart and at height. Haha. Oh goodness, I am writing gibberish thoughts and clearly, I am not in my sane mind to put it here.

Gaah, let's just go back to regular programming, shall we? :)




Since last Friday was a holiday, my friends and I watched the PRISAA Cheerdance and Hip-Hop Competition at the local gymnasium. We came and supported our alma mater. And I guess the support worked since we won in both Cheerdance and Hip-Hop competion. 
All hail to NDDU! :)

Here's what I wore:
 Very basic.

Shorts: Thrifted
V-Neck top, Printed bag and canvas sneakers: SM Department Store

Baked cupcakes later that day for a get-together at Toni's place that night. Too bad I wasn't able to take a photo of it. It was my first time to bake but I guess I have to improve more.Haha. It was another Friday night at Toni's place. Woah, for almost the whole month of November we were always having booze nights, shenanigans and good times. Haha. Not that I am complaining. I love my friends! 

It's just I hate myself for always misbehaving and being stubborn.

How was your long weekend?


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