"Every time I look at you, each kiss, each hug, each kind word you utter, you gracefully paint a vivid picture of God's faithfulness to me. Often times people get married just to settle down and the world out there can be quite discouraging but you have turned me into a believer and I know now that true love does exist."

~ Patty Laurel to Patrick Filart <3

I've been watching this video non-stop in the past few days and it never fails to inspire me to wait patiently for God's Perfect Gift for me. I sincerely pray for this kind of man and wedding. But I know I'm a bit young to talk about weddings and all. Pang peg lang. Haha. 
Anyhoo, today seems an apt day to share this in my blog because we are celebrating my Mom and Dad's Wedding Anniversary! Woohoo! I know Dad is celebrating in Heaven too.
We miss you Dad! Happy Father's Day na rin! (Sana may internet connection sa langit.) :)


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