Water Gran with Staven, Nise and Kent 
(Thanks for the invite! Hihi.)

Internship at an Accounting Firm. 

The "GORA NA SA BORA" outing with the gang. <3

Enough downtime spent for reading ( I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!)

Bonding time with highschool bestfriends. (No enough photos could be posted!!!)

Touring around Davao with relatives from the maternal side. :)

I really couldn't put into exact words what a great summer I had. I feel like I've been at the right places, met and talked to the right people (cute stranger included), learned the right lessons, read the right books, did the right things...I just feel so blessed, blessed beyond belief. All these things, I owe to God. <3

I'll keep this post short and sweet because today is the first day of my last college year! Yey!
 Isn't that exciting??? Hihi.

I'd love to hear too how your summer was. <3


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