12 GOING ON 20

(Photos via Charm Emnace)

I turned 20 yesterday! Haha. 
I remember my cousin told me once that: "Birthdays are for the too young and for the too old. If you're in between, don't make too much fuss out of it." So, I celebrated simply. Mom and I lighted candles at the church. Afterwards, we bought flowers for Lolo Lino (maternal grandfather) at the cemetery since we share the same birthday. Then, we had a simple late lunch with family. By night time, I treated my lovely friends dinner at a cute fancy cafe (pictured above). Thanks to my sister and brother for being my sponsor! Haha.

In a cheesy and corny side of life, I'd just like to share this touching birthday message from my highschool bestfriend: (Sa mga nangangailangan ng speech pang debut or birthday diyan, you can copy paste this. Haha)

"Tummy, happy happy 20th birthday. There's nothing really much more to say about you and our friendship because time and distance have defined it for us. Thank you for being you. Thank you for being Tweet. And now that you're 20, I pray to God to give you wisdom that you may be the wisest in all your decisions, and that if you fail, you'd still be wise enough to know where you should be heading. 

May life's experiences sharpen and nurture you to the fullest. I'm forever right here beside you. It's 'beside' because I'll walk with you in all of your endeavors. I love you. Please send Tita (your mom) my regards. Tell her I thank her for bringing you into this world and that I salute her for raising you into a such kind-hearted person. God bless you and our friendship.  (*Insert cheesy stuffs here*)"

~Princess Anne (sent via text)
NOTE: My nickname is "Tweetums" (don't even ask) that's why it's addressed for "Tummy" ;)

Birthday outfit post soon!


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