I already mentioned that Wednesday is no uniform day. During which, we have to follow a strict Dress Code given that our university is a Catholic institution. At first I was thinking that Dress Codes limit one's already-limited-wardrobe. One has to chose carefully which clothes to buy and eventually wear in school so that it can pass the guard's scrutinizing judgment. But in the long run, I realized that it is actually a good thing because it teaches us a thing or two on how to dress appropriately.

So basically, we students have to come up with stylish ensembles without sacrificing modesty. Mostly for us girls, sartorial choices revolve around jeans, top and flats. It is our staple and fail-proof outfit. And speaking of jeans and top ensemble...here are some inspiration photos I culled over the world wide webz. 

These girls make basic jeans look classy but still functional enough for school. Don't you think?

Jessica of TUULA


Jessica of HAPA TIME

Aimee Song of SONG OF STYLE

Source: I forgot. Haha.

Source: Tumblr


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