21st Birthday x Sunday Brunch x Sea Green Cafe & Lifestyle Shop

For the past years, my birthdays were celebrated simply with close friends over dinner at somewhere fancy. Aside from I want to keep it intimate, mas mura talaga pag kaunti lang kayo. HAHAHAHA. #cheapskate #budget. Last year it was spent with close college friends at Cafe Mita in GenSan, (throwback post here). 

Since my family recently moved back here in Davao,  I spent my 21st birth anniversary yesterday with my highschool besties at Sea Green Cafe & Lifestyle Shop.

My friends and I were all eyeing to try Sea Green for the longest time. If you search it over the intwerwebz, you'll stumble upon a lot of blog posts that can attest how Sea Green is a famous must-try cafe in Davao. And not just that, even if you just simply pass by, the cafe's facade is really arresting and eye-catching.

Photo via Sea Green Cafe and Lifestyle Shop Facebook Account

Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict for Jess
Tomato and Mozarella Penne for Melton
Creamy Pesto and Vegetable Liguine for me.
 It's not photographed in a flattering way, but it tastes really good! Love the creamy Broccoli.
Lemon Garlic Shrimp with Garlic Black Rice for Cess
Eggplant Parmesan for Wesly
Fried Quezong Puti Salad with Dalandan Vinaigrette for Jess again haha

The food was great plus the serving is generous. (But we think it's only apt since it's a little bit pricey). Also, the waiting time for the food to be served is minimal. And the best part is that their food options are all healthy options! Perfect for health and fitness conscious people like my friends. Haha.

The service was just as great. The waiter was very courteous and he really attended to our needs. Plus points because they didn't impose any corkage fee for the cake my friends bought at Sugar Munch even if Sea Green has their own selection of cakes. Cheapskate friendly!

Also, the day prior, I inquired about their menu through texting the mobile number posted in their FB page. The response was quick and they even sent me a PDF file of their menu in my email (it helped me prepare my budget) #cheapskatefriendly. Very efficient customer service!

Lastly, the ambiance. There was nothing we could complain about! The interiors were calming to the eyes and it makes you feel that you are transported in another world. The whole vibe of the cafe was dreamy and whimsical. Ang saya lang. I appreciated too the mellow songs played in the background. Dagdag cafe feels. 

Annnd, the washroom was clean too!

I was thinking that Sea Green is the perfect place to spend birthdays. Why? Because they have merchandise on display too so you can just buy in an instant a gift for the celebrant or the celebrant can pick it for herself/himself! (Not that my friends allowed me to do that! Hahaha). But kidding aside, their merchandise were quite a sight too. Perfect distraction while waiting for your meal. :)

Over-all it was a memorable dining experience! 
Good food, good atmosphere, good service and good company! 
 In the end, I was one happy kid adult. Hahaha

Circumferential Road, Doña Vicenta Subdivision
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(Photos via Wes Licmoan)

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