Casual Consumption No. 1

I read this Casual Consumption post over at Carina Santos' blog and thought I'd give it a try. I'm running out of original ideas for my own blog so I'm being such a copycat! Lol. But seriously though, it's a nice way to share things. I must say I've been filling myself with great movies and music lately. So if you think we have the same taste, tread on!


Tommorowland 2013 Aftermovie

I was kind of bummed I wasn't able to go to Sarbay. To cheer myself up, I ended up watching the Tommorowland 2013 aftermovie for the nth time and partied by myself in front of the computer. Click watch rave repeat. Click watch rave repeat. Click watch rave repeat. Hahaha

Amelie (2001)

"Amelie, an innocent and naive girl in Paris, with her own sense of justice, decides to help those around her and along the way, discovers love." -IMDb

It's official. This movie is now my most favorite film ever! It used to be City of Angels but after watching this wonderful French film, that Meg Ryan and Nicolas Cage flick has to go a notch lower in my list. I love how the movie is such a complete package, from romance to comedy to fantasy. I love how it lets you inside people's thoughts. And you can't help falling in love with Amelie despite her oddness. She's my kind of weird. If she's a real life person, I want her to be my friend. Haha. It's such a feel good movie and very inspiring. I loved every minute of it. (Too much use of the word love. But really.)

Paris Je T'aime, Paris, I Love You (2006)

Paris Je T'aime is an anthology film consisting of 18 short stories. Some stories I like, some I think are just too weird. I mean creative weird. If you know what I mean. It's a two-hour film and there were some dragging parts. But over-all I love the film. I was kind of teary eyed at the end of it. Talk about movie feels.

The thing I enjoyed the most was that each story is set in different arrondisements of Paris. The movie will really take you to nooks and corners of the City of Lights and Love and not just the usual Eiffel Tower or Arc de Triomphe views.

Another interesting thing is how diverse the stories are. Name it: Asians, Blacks, Americans, Muslims, Europeans and even vampires and mimes! They each have their own lovestory to share. It really represents the diversity in the city. Great watch, really.

HappyThankYouMorePlease (2010)

I watched this film because it's written, directed and starred by Josh Radnor. It's like seeing Josh Radnor still as Ted but not with the HIMYM cast and named as Sam instead. I couldn't quite distinguish the two. But I love the message of being grateful for happiness and asking for more of it. Another feel-good movie and I love the soundtrack!


How I Met Your Mother (Season 5)
I have yet to finish this entire series because there's the awesome-ness of Game of Thrones for distraction. I couldn't quite allow myself to get attached to two series at the same time. Ganyan ako ka O.A. because I really get attached to the characters and it will take me weeks to get over it. Whatever. But I already know how HIMYM will end and who will end up with who. I just really want to go through the whole thing.

GIRLS Season 1

On the deck is GIRLS a series all about girls in New York and their struggles in life. I've been hearing a lot about this and Lena Dunham. I just watched one episode, liked it and stopped right there. I couldn't get attached! Haha. I heard that Season 3 just ended and Season 4 is scheduled to premiere next year. So, no worries. There's enough time.


On repeat on the music playlist is this all-girl band named HAIM (rhymes with time). Their music is totally my kind of indie pop. Such cool chicas. They are sisters by the way! My personal fave songs from their Days Are Gone album are Falling, The Wire and Don't Save Me.  

So there, I've been to Belgium, New York and Paris!
Plus, I had the pleasure of meeting these awesome people! :)


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