Another local destination ticked off in our Wanderlust List!

 I was with good friends Ate Mauii, Ate EJ and Kuya Cze, her boyfriend and Dannah, Ate EJ's cousin.
Brief background on who these people are:
These gorgeous girls and I were classmates in English 21 back in 2011. I was a late enrolee that time so I got mixed in a class of HRM and Tourism students. I call them "Ate" because they are a batch older than I.  But later I found out we were all born free in '93. So, we all have the same age. But I'm respectful like that so I still call them "Ate". Hahaha.

We became groupmates to make the baby thesis required to pass the said subject. Our first proposed study was about the budding tourist attractions in Kiamba, Sarangani Province where Kuya Cze hails from. We badly wanted a legit excuse to have a roadtrip that time. Haha. But it didn't push through. So we ended up with this research title instead: "The Level of English Proficiency of Third Year Tourism Students".  From tourist attractions to tourism students. Close enough.

Needless to say, everyone was so ecstatic last Saturday. Finally, KIAMBAAAAA!!! :)

Our first stop was the Mondragon residence where we deposited our things and had a very nice breakfast. Before anything else, I'd like to acknowledge Team Mondragon (the family and cousins of Kuya Cze and himself included) for being such gracious hosts. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! :)
Meet Max, the family dog.
He has the fiercest bark that goes like this: EFF EFF EFF! Literally. Haha. :D

Tuka Marine Park 

Tuka Marine Park is not your typical beach, it's a marine sanctuary. It's hard to just idly go swimming because it's so rocky or should I say reefy? Kasi coral reefs! Hahaha. In my humble opinion, to fully appreciate the place, one must go snorkeling. I did snorkel! Even though I didn't know how to use the mouthpiece properly. But kahit sisid sisid lang, you can see na the amazing coral reefs and colorful sea creatures. Love it! :)

I was happily swimming when a guy approached me and asked if I wanted an underwater photo. I gladly agreed hence this photo:

The guy's name is Kuya Marlon. He happily takes photos of tourists in Tuka Beach. I think it's his hobby and sideline.  Here are stolen shots from his camera: (FYI, he charges P50.00 for soft copies!)

We didn't stay that long. TWO MORE DESTINATIONS to go!

Boodle fight for lunch! We had the best hosts ever! Hihihi.

White Water Tubing
New La Union, Maitum, Sarangani

Naka-abot pa kami ng La Union! Hahaha. Some of us was our first time to try water tubing and we were all game! It's perfectly safe since there was a proper briefing before, the life vests and helmets are new, and each gets a guide to go with you. No worries, safety is a priority! 

You have to ride a motorcycle to take you in the starting area and when you get there, adventure begins! 
The whole water tubing "ride" will take at least 20 minutes (in my count) or maybe it will depend on how strong the current is. My guide said the current that time was strong enough. It was so fun!!! Water splashed in your face! Yung sumisigaw ka na sa sobrang excitement tapos biglang napasukan ng tubig ang bibig mo. CHOKE! Take that! Hahaha.

But what I appreciated most was the local boy who took charge of Ate Mauii's GoPro camera to document the whole ride. In Tuka there was Kuya Marlon, and now this boy.  I love how the people of Kiamba knows the importance of documentation! Hahaha.

Bocay-il Falls

To get to Bocay-il Falls, you have to endure a 20-30 minute walk/hike. The kind of walk that makes you ask, "Are we there yet? Are we there yet?". Endless Repeat. Di kami na-orient! Wala sa condition ang aming mga katawan! Hahaha.

But it was all worth it! :)
The water was so divine and cool. Sarap magbabad whole day! Thinking of how hot it is in the city. AND! Fun thing to do was to slide down the falls! Yep, ya heard it right. You can actually slide down the falls! Hands up! :)
The coolest guys in Kiamba! Waddup!

Would love to stay longer but good things always come to an end. Sad.

I love KIAMBA! No exaggerations but among the three destinations, I honestly couldn't pick which one is the best because every stop was sooo AMAZING and FUN! If only we have all the time, I guess we'd spend one day for each destination! Again, thank you Mondragon Family and the Kiamba guys who were with us for the warm welcome and for being such great and lingaw hosts. :)

SIDE STORY: For the first time in forever, I watched "Frozen" na! Hahaha. We watched it in the car while going home (and actually while going to Kiamba earlier that morning). Share. Kbye.
Photos via Mauii Duterte and EJ Bogayong

Three destinations, one day!
Thank you to these awesome lakwatsa buddies! 


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