WARNING: Gets niyo yung pun ng blog post title ko? MATI NA, MATI BAI as in derived from Matira Matibay...Hahahahaha! Ang #punny at witty ko, grabe! #aynagexplain (Joke! Korny ko na..huhuhu)

ANYWAY (I'm so annoying) ....talk about spontaneous!

It was "Araw ng Dabaw" last Monday and there I was lying in my bed and enjoying the non-working holiday when my friend Wesly messaged me that she and his boyfriend Melton decided to go to Mati that day. Shameless me, I volunteered to tag along! Hahaha. It's been long time no beach and I've always been curios about Mati. Fantastically the day after, March 17 was declared a non-working holiday too! It was for "Araw ng Pasasalamat". Haaaay, pasalamat talaga! :)

In no time, they were outside my house and off to the road we go! I must say the road to Mati was dizzying what with its winding roads. I got a little car sick. But it was bearable because the view is amazing! We even stopped by the road and had our pictures taken at the "Sleeping Dinosaur" (see photo no. 3)

Our main goal was to reach Dahican (thank heavens for Waze!). It's a known surfing spot and summer destination here in Davao. Expectedly, the first thing we did when we arrived at the beach was to take pictures! It reminded me very much of Gumasa what with its long strip of shore and the way it is shaped. Although the sand in Gumasa is much whiter and the waves are calmer. Or maybe my choice of comparison is just too limited since honestly, I've only been to few beaches. (To go to more beaches, is always on the bucket list!)

Since I was third-wheeling, I gave the lovebirds ample time together and went for a solitary long walk along the shore and had my own muni-muni moments and was thinking what to put here in my blog about this trip. Haha. There were random cartwheel-ing too along the way! :)

Anyway, we didn't try surfing since the waves' current is too strong and it's not the surfing season. (Hanggang pose lang kami with the surf boards, feeling TEEN'S CHOICE AWARDS. Hehehe).

The locals said that the ideal season for surfing (or they call it long board) is on Octobers. I tried to Skim instead and charmed the local to let me try at least twice. *wink* Surfing lessons rate is Php 300.00 while Skim Board lessons rate is Php 150.00.

Highlight of our trip was when we witnessed the sunrise and tried our best to swim and braved the waves. Ang lakas talaga ng alon, I almost drowned twice. Pero almost lang. There's something with the soft sand na pag-apak mo ng isang hakbang, malalim na pala. But we all tried to enjoy it, later on we learned to "ride" with the waves and just laughed at ourselves with all our struggles.

As for cheapskate matters, there's no entrance fee! We set up our own tent and we just paid for the table and parking space for a total of P 150.00! Cheapskate approved! (Thank you lovebirds!)

I love how spontaneous trips like this can nourish the soul. :) It can make you appreciate the simple things in life like sleeping with the stars literally above your head, or how the locals were so friendly or how the waves serenely lull you to sleep and calmly wake you up in the morning. Haay, beach life. My inner beachy-care-free-spirit was awakened. Naks.

I'm daydreaming of Siargao next!

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