"We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us."

I'm still on a high from last long weekend's travel. 
Destination: CEBU!

It started back in February when my friend Sabb texted me out of the blue that there's an airfare promo ongoing and it would be perfect to plan a vacation for Labor Day and the weekend to follow. I wasn't much prepared, financially the least, but it was also that time that I discovered Trisha Velarmino's blog (P.S I'm On My Way). I would check it out during lunch breaks and everytime, the wanderlust in me would just soar up and I would wish I was somewhere else rather than in my office desk. Hahaha. 

So I decided, why not? I have two months to save! But it wasn't an easy ordeal. In the two months, I would sometimes berate myself thinking that booking an airfare ticket randomly was an act of sheer impulse. I know it's only Cebu not a European Tour or the U.S.A. Hahaha. But the fact still remains that this is my decision and there's no one to finance myself except me. So there were weekends spent at home and not spending on anything unnecessary no matter how badly I wanted to reward myself with a few material possessions. 

 Don't give up what you WANT MOST for WHAT YOU WANT NOW.
What I wanted most was to satiate my wanderlust but sometimes I would want at the moment a few things to temporarily gratify the stress I would feel. Which is a wrong mindset.

But the upside is, having a goal (a travel goal that is) keeps you motivated. Instead of thinking of wanderlust as a distraction for work or your day job, think of it rather as an inspiration to actually focus and get the job done. You know all your hard earned money will be spent worthily.

Anyhoo, to make it even more special, my college best friend Toni decided to join us a week prior the trip! Truly, it's never about the destination, it's about the company!

 So Cebu, off we go!

CEBU CREW L-R: Sabb, Toni and Me
We were very lucky Toni had a contact in Cebu in the person of Charlie (who was Toni's cousin's special friend). He picked us at the airport and drove us around the city. (Salamat kaayo Charlie!) We stayed at Robe's Pension House by Sabb's recommendation. They have the cheapest room rates! Only for P800 - P900 per night and you get a decent fully-air conditioned room with WiFi and location wise as I observed, we were only a few short drives away from notable landmarks such as University of San Carlos, Crown Regency Hotel and Ayala Mall.

We had late lunch at Casa Verde at their Cebu IT Park Branch. It was recommended to me mostly by my office mates who go frequently to Cebu. It was a must-try indeed! Thumbs up for the ribs and their generous serving.

Afterwards, we had an afternoon stroll around Cebu IT Park and went to Ayala Mall. We can't help but look up around Cebu's towering buildings! We don't have that in Gensan and only a few in Davao.
Next stop was La Vie Parisienne! How we loved this place! The fancy lights, the cool interiors, the amazing lighting chairs that changes colors, the Instagram famous wine cellar and best of all, their P10.00 cookie! I didn't like much their macaroons though, I still prefer the ones in French Baker. But their croissant! Heavenly. It was also there we met Joie, Sabb's highschool friend who is now based in Cebu. She treated us with a bottle wine. Now that's a good first impression! Hahaha.
Photo by: Toni Rose Romero
And the last stop for our first day was Tops Lookout in Busay. The way up there was one heck of a ride! The ones that make you pray for your life! Exagg. Hahaha. But it was worth it as expected. You get to see the whole of Cebu in all its breathtaking glory. Just take note there's a P100.00 entrance fee per person. It was lovely at night and I think it's still as lovely by daytime.

The design! Reminded me much of Game of Thrones though. Tops Lookout was one of those places that made me say to myself "I'll be going back" and I'm not yet even leaving. No actually, Cebu made me feel that way. :)

I'll be sharing Day 2 which was spent in Camotes Island!


  1. Oh My Gosh! I can't wait to travel to Cebu :) I've been looking on http://www.webbline.com/budget-hotels-in-cebu/ for affordable hotels and there are so many to choose from :D Can you recommend a hotel for me to stay in that is cheap but good? Thanks! :D

    1. Hi Melissa! You have all the reasons to be excited for Cebu! :) I recommend you contact Robe's Pension House - +63.932.420.0598 (sun mobile) or visit their site http://www.robespensionhouse.com/contact-us .

      I just texted them for our reservations and even when we were still at the airport, we were also texting for directions. They are very accommodating and their response is quick. Best of all, their room rates are cheapskate friendly! Ranging from P700 to P900 only.

      Goodluck! Enjoy your trip! :)


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