I recall last year when my college friends and I were on a boat heading to Talicud Island, we could see from afar the famed Pearl Farm parola and the line of triangular shaped cottages. I was hoping that someday I could go and enjoy that place. After all, Pearl Farm is one of the best resorts here in Davao (not to mention the priciest too).

Turned out that someday was yesterday and what can make a cheapskate happier is that it was all for free! Who would've thought I will be employed in one of the affiliate companies of Pearl Farm and luckily our company summer outing (my first) was there. Actually, the company summer outings are mostly held there. To be perfectly honest, it's one of the company perks I've been looking forward to ever since I got hired. Now I'm actually looking forward to the feeling of "What Pearl Farm again???" Haha.

But anyway, everyone has their first time and mine was yesterday. The earlier part of the morning was spent for Treasure Hunting and group activities. I squeezed in a little time to wander on my own and took some photos. After lunch was free time for everyone. It was the perfect time to just laze around, relax and enjoy a weekday off from work.

I explored the place along with the CDO branch team who were first-timers as well. We explored both the main resort and Malipano Island. I suggest you go snorkeling since there are many sea creatures to check out! Either you want to relax or explore, Pearl Farm can provide that for you and yes, maybe I'm promoting a little. Haha.

It was a short and sweet stay but totally didn't disappoint.
Summer is coming to an end soon, I hope you are enjoying! :)

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