Eating lunch at work or in school , especially if you're a newbie, is just one of the many struggles we face in our daily lives. It may come off as an exaggeration to use the word "struggle" (as if Africa is not suffering from hunger and famine) but we all know there's a hint of awkward truth to it. It's lunch time again and we are faced with little dilemmas...Where to eat? Who to invite? Alone again? I'll sleep nalang...

Or worse, the only option is...

I haven't resorted to eating lunch alone inside a comfort room and I pray that instance will never come. EVER. On days I feel independent, I can deal eating alone. That's a basic part of being a grown up anyway. But I know how it feels (and it sucks) to eat alone at your office desk when everyone else is eating lunch outside and come to think of it, you're sitting at your desk the whole day. (True story) Hahaha.

ANYWAY, the WHOLE POINT OF THIS POST is how I became part of THE PANTRY GIRLS at work. One's circumstances can really change with a simple and friendly invite and mine came from my workmate, Ate Lanie. And kids, that's the shortest version of How I Met The Pantry Girls. :)))

So basically, The Pantry Girls is an established (haha) group of ladies who lunch at the company pantry. We utilize the company pantry to its maximum potential (BE THE BEST!) It is not just an area to wash and store the dishes and to place the gallons of water containers but also AN ACTUAL PLACE TO EAT LUNCH while sharing decent conversations and laughing. Hahaha.

Here's us:
(But ironically, that is NOT the company pantry)

These photos were taken the other Friday when Ma'am Kath treated us for her post birthday celebration. This blog post might also be entitled as "Where To Treat Your Officemates on Your Birthday (Davao City Version)"

But seriously, this is just a friendly suggestion for anyone who wants to have an itinerary for a Friday night after work or just a simple weekend day, with family or with friends and birthdays or not. :)))

  • DINNER AT SINUGBOX ( 345 Porras Street cor. Palma Gil Street, Obrero)
If ribs and steak for a lower price is your type, this is a good place to go! It's has this hole in the wall vibe (except it's in the kanto) hahaha. They liked the Tuna and my personal favorite was the ribs with white sauce (Middleweight). We all loved their TOP RANK Juice too!

  • DESSERT AT DULCE  VIDA (Torres Street, beside Davao Convention)
We ordered Martha's Favorite (1) , Sam's Bonfire (2), Torta Chocolate (3) and Chocolate Mousse (4). Our top two picks were Martha's Favorite and Chocolate Mousse!

  • TEA AT DAYAW COFFEE (Second Flr, Alfresco, SM Lanang)
And lastly, tea and coffe at Dayaw Coffee Shop. It's a 24-hour coffee shop inside SM Lanang. Perfect for the one to sawa chikka marathon! Their nachos were good but nothing can still beat the ones at Kangaroo Coffe Co (Tionko Ave) to be perfectly honest. Hihi.

So again kids, that's how I Met (and Ate With) The Pantry Girls :)))

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