Presenting, the beautiful shoreline of San Remigio in Kaputian, Island Garden City of Samal! 

I had the chance to explore this place last Friday, June 12 along with my college friends (the same group I was with on this trip and this). 

It was a homecoming celebration for our dear friend Pat (first row left most) who came home from Dubai (she's only staying for a month) and a mini reunion of sort as well (we weren't complete). It was lovely seeing each other and bond again together a year after graduation. Thankfully, it was a long holiday and everybody was off with work or school and we all had the chance to spend time at the beach. A year later, nothing's changed! We are still the crazy bunch!!!

San Remigio was suggested by our friend Melvin and it was even included in this 8 beautiful beaches in Davao City list from Rappler.

So first things first, how to get there:

Ride a passenger boat at Sta. Ana Wharf (near Magsaysay Park) that is heading to Kaputian Wharf (boat ride will take approximately 45 minutes to an hour and costs P80.00 per head as of writing). From Kaputian Wharf, ride a habal-habal going to San Remigio (warning: there are A LOT of habal-habal drivers available and get ready when they flock at you. Choose carefully who to entrust your life with.) We paid P60.00 each for the habal-habal ride.

To be honest, the habal-habal ride was far from smooth. Most of the roads weren't concrete and it was a bit of a physical challenge since our food and groceries were hand carried by us (not to mention our personal bags and things). It was a hilly and sloped ride, going up then down (cue in FloRida's song: IT'S GOING DOWN FOR REALLLL) #GDFR Hahaha

There was a point when me and Toni got a little scared of tripping over, good thing our driver was assuring us and later on we just laughed it off. BUT! One thing we learned was that, when going in groups, it is a MUST to wait for each other and really convoy on the way to your destination. We got worried when our friends Kim and Pau were still not at the beach considering that their habal-habal was the first to hit off from the wharf and ours stopped by for gasoline.

Turned out the motorcycle they were riding broke in the middle of the road and they had to change drivers. It made them really scared and us worried because we were in an unfamiliar place, with a complete stranger and cellphone signal was weak. Everything went okay but that was one big lesson we learned: Wait for each other and well, learn to just enjoy the rough ride. :)

San Remigio has a long stretch of white sand beach with a number of beach resorts lined up for your choosing. We opted for Alorro Beach what with it's no entrance fee and a decently fanned room with 3 bunk beds for only P600.00 (all eight of us fit in!). #cheapskatesforever :)))

In our humble observation, the sand were not that fine and it makes walking along the beach kind of a struggle since your feet or slippers gets easily buried. We even joked that it's not an ideal place for lovers to go HHWW (holding hands, while walking) kasi hassle. Hahaha.

But what we love about the place were the corral reefs and the rock formations. It was a perfect place to go snorkeling even for your friends who can only swim in shallow waters. Everyone had the fair chance to enjoy the beauty of the Earth (as we joke it) Haha. 

What I personally liked was that, even if there were lovely spots for snorkeling, there was also a perfect portion for swimming (no corral reefs and sea grass in sight). So no worries if you step on anything (I once stepped on a sea urchin on a beach trip so I'm cautious like that). Haha. You can just freely go swimming which I did and super enjoyed!

On a more personal note, I'm happy I got the confidence and courage to swim in deeper waters. I've done cliff diving a few times and if you jump directly, there's a little reassuring feeling because you know where you are getting at. You jump knowing the waters are already deep. 

But it's another story when you deliberately swim farther and deeper, coming from the shallow portion. There's always that fright (and a little panic) when you swim idly until your feet can't reach the sand bed anymore. But I'm just happy I'm slowly letting go of that inhibition and my swimming skills kind of improved (I'm thankful for all the beach trips lately!). 

Another fun thing we did while in San Remigio was to explore the rock formations located at the left side of the shoreline (if facing the beach).

The rock formations were stellar, we couldn't resist taking photos! 

I explored the edge part of the coast all by myself. It was a little scary but beautiful! I didn't have a camera with me and the trek was challenging, you have to use both of your hands to not lose balance, so no pictures were taken. But it was still alright. I enjoyed my little "expedition". I saw a little cave-like portion where I just sat and looked at the endless sea. Solitude is luxury. <3

And now, here are some photos for vanity's sake!
(taken by our ever talented photographer Toni) Hihihi

Going back to the city, we took another route. It was a way for us to see other parts of Samal Island. Alorro Beach had a shuttle van (P60.00 per head) that drove us to the bus stop. From there, we rode a City Express bus going to Peñaplata (P35.00). In Peñaplata, we transferred to another bus (there's a short barge trip included and you pay another P35.00) that took us back at Magsaysay.

And now, it begs the question
WHERE TO NEXT????? :)))

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