Kind of a long overdue post, life was busy-busyhan.

Anyway, this was another dinner out with The Pantry Girls last July 16, Ate Lanie's birthday! We tried out the newly opened TACO LOCO, a Mexican Restaurant at Damosa Market Basket. It was kind of funny when we were deciding where to eat. We suggested options back and forth not knowing that sometimes we overlook what's in our own backyard. Taco Loco is located just right at the back of our office building, something we could just pass by when going home. I couldn't remember who came up with the brilliant idea, but we all agreed and that's where we ended!

And now on to the food..

Taco Loco's tagline is "Authentic Affordable Mexican Food". Anything with the word "affordable" always ring a bell to my cheapskate ears (thank you Ate Lanie for the treat!). My personal pick would be the Pizza Taco Bombs and the Chimichanga (which sounded more like a dance to me than a food haha). Both were something new to our palate.

After which we watched Magic Mike XXL at Abreeza. It's the perfect movie for us all Queens. We enjoyed Channing and Joe (as in). The movie was not just all about Channing's sexy moves, it was also about woman empowerment and women learning to say what they want and asking for what they deserve. It's a fair game too seeing guys be objectified. Haha (Ok, let's not proceed to gender equality issues here). O ha, may moral din yung movie di lang puro katawan. Hahaha

And to cap off the night we tried out Cafe Amoree at Damosa Gateway and conversations just flowed until it was time to go home at around 2 am (Cafe Amoree is open 24-hours). Thank you to Duban Couple for treating us that night. :)

Speaking of birthdays, I had mine last August 3 (I don't know about you but I'm feeling 2-2!). I spent it as well with The Pantry Girls at the pantry. It was a regular work day. I couldn't avail yet of the birthday leave because I'm two days away from my one year anniversary of employment (August 5). I remember blogging last year I was ecstatic having my birthday and my first day of work only two days apart and now, I kind of regret it had to happen in that order. Joke! Hahaha. That would be ungrateful of me to say.

But truthfully, I'm grateful for good friends at work, another year older and another year of employment.
More to come, I pray. :)

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