When you are living the corporate life, it comes naturally that you look forward to non-working holidays. These are the times you can take ample time to go on trips and relax for an extended time rather than the usual two-day weekend. So last September 25 (it was Eid'l Adha) my office mates and I pushed through with our much anticipated trip to Aliwagwag Falls at Cateel, Davao Oriental.

As you can recall, the province of Davao Oriental was one of the provinces hit hardest by the Typhoon Pablo last December 2012. It was considered the worst storm of 2012. Lives were lost, houses were flown, trees were cut, almost everything was devastated. 

Fast forward to now, while on the way, I can't help but be awed at how resilient the province of Davao Oriental is. You can clearly see the collective rehabilitation efforts. Houses were being rebuilt, roads were being paved and constructed and slowly, the once bald forest is slowly gaining its lushness. The uniformly styled rehabilitation houses were a common sight along the way. Though it may be cute and small, it is a comforting thought to know that the survivors and locals are given decent shelters as they move on from the horrible aftermath of the storm.

Anyhoo, let's move to a more cheerful topic! So, Aliwawag Falls or what is now called the Aliwagwag Falls Eco Park is consistently gaining tourists' attention. In recent times, it has fast become one of Mindanao's must-see tourist attractions. I guess the local government really put in all the efforts to boost the eco-tourism of the province so as to provide livelihood as well to the locals. 

After a three-hour road trip, here it is:
To see this beauty was worth all the dizziness I've felt while on the way! Haha

I've seen countless photos of friends posing in front of the cascading waterfalls, flooding my Facebook Timeline and now, here's my version: 
Aside from taking a swim in the cool mini pools of the falls, you can also try their Zipline, cross the Monkey Bridge (which will consist of trekking up, sure exercise for your legs) or just walk around and enjoy the scenery. We paid P50.00 by the way for the Entrance Fee, no corkage for food if you bring your own. 

Here are a few snippets I took:
I meant it when I said "few snippets". Not that there were only a "few" scenery to take a photo of (there were actually a lot) but it's actually more satisfying just basking in with the nature than stressing myself taking photos and getting a good angle (#feelingbloggerproblems haha). It's the whole point of getting away and relaxing, right? Haha

And here's the whole office team:
Going home, we went the other way (to Mati) and we technically circled Davao Oriental which was a first for me. It was such a fun roadtrip, we were just talking and laughing inside the car. We sighted a few attractions that we hope we can visit like the San Victor Island (dubbed as the Baganga's Island Jewel). Soon! Hopefully. Thank you to everyone who made this trip happen. :)

The trip made me appreciate more our local attractions and yes, truly, I believe we should explore our own backyard first! As they say, "It's More Fun in the Philippines!". And since we are nearing the year end, can't help but be happy that somehow I got to visit new and local places. The free-spirit with an intense wanderlust in me can't help but look forward to the next adventure. ♥

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