It's been a long time since I've done this Casual Consumption thing. Maybe there's nothing casual in properly selecting the films you want to watch or the music you want to be obsessed with. 

Before, I'd absorb anything I fancy on the surface. Everything becomes an easy favorite. But now that I'm not having all the downtime as compared to before, I wanted to choose carefully the movies or books or things I soak myself in.

I hope it'll be worth your downtime too (in case you wanna heed my recos).

Anyway, here's the list!  

Warning: Might contain spoilers.


Into the Wild (2007)
I was watching a particular motivational video in Youtube when I saw clips of Emile Hirsch, first walking with his backpack on, next on top of a mountain and so on. I got curious, looked up at the credits and discovered this 2007 film.

This film is based on the true story of Christopher McCandless and his choice of living his life the unconventional way. He abandoned his former life, donated his savings, got a new name and hitchhiked his way to Alaska to be in the wild
This movie is said to inspire a lot of people to explore life and nature. What I personally liked about it are the main characters' musings about life. A few things were relatable since the protagonist was almost the same age as I am now. You know, youthful idealism on society and life and all those stuff. You get a lot of things to ponder on.

Even after watching the film, I was obsessed for a bit researching about the real Christopher McCandless. There were interesting answers so to speak.

And uhm, I know I can't be the only one who could see the uncanny resemblance between Emile Hirsch and Erwan Heussaff.

Copenhagen (2014)
I remember answering a Security Question for a website what's my dream city and without a snap, I typed: Copenhagen. It used to be New York but preferences change. And why not? Danes are considered the happiest people in the world, their food is said to be amazing and Scandinavian minimalist design is what everybody is pegging. 

I was unaware there's a titular movie of my dream city. And I just have to rave about this film! It has been awhile since a movie genuinely elicited Level 10 kilig feels from me then only to be heartbroken (sorta) with the ending.

This coming-of-age movie centers around angsty and immature William (Gethin Anthony) who's traveling across Europe with his best friend Jeremy and his girlfriend, Jen. They all found themselves in Copenhagen where William is also set to trace his roots and find his grandfather. But his third-wheeling paved way to complicated situations and the couple had to separate from William.

William then meets free-spirited yet wise beyond her years Effy (Frederikke Dahl Hansen), a waitress at the hotel where he's staying. Seeing that Effy speaks both English and Danish, William asks for her help to trace his grandfather and their adventure together in Copenhagen begins.

It starts all innocently and admittedly cliche. Boy meets girl and they do all the cutesy stuff like biking around, going to the amusement park, sharing conversations, basically enjoying Copenhagen in all its scenic glory while on a mission to find William's grandfather.
But as the story later unfolds, you realize life is not the romance movie we all hope for. Complex realities will kick in as it turned out that Effy is half of William's age. 

I love this movie not only for the scenic cityscape but the way it teaches you to be less naive and more realistic about life and love. It portrayed life and love in a believable way.  I learned that some people are meant to come into our lives, make an impact and share life changing experiences although sadly, only briefly.

Gethin Anthony (who played Renly Barratheon, by the way, in Game of Thrones) and Frederikke Dahl Hansen's superb acting is undeniably noticeable. They both fit the roles perfectly. It could've been borderline pedophilic and dark but they still made the movie feel light and enthralling. No wonder this film got so much acclaim.

I can't help but hope for a part two or even three just like Richard Linklater's Before Trilogy. Who knows.

Side note: after watching their interviews and stalking Gethin Anthony, I came to a conclusion that he is one of those rare creatures who looks way better with a beard and scruff on. Just saying. 

Barefoot (2014)
Rebel without a cause Jay Wheeler is on probationary, mopping floors in a mental hospital. There he meets innocent but possibly mentally-ill Daisy Kensington. Due to some circumstances, Jay decides to bring Daisy to his hometown for his brother's wedding and a possible reconciliation to his estranged family. The ever innocent Daisy charms everyone but there's something obviously off about her.
At first, I thought Barefoot is one of those overly cliched but poorly played romcom movies. Again, all the usual cutesy stuff was evident. A date in the carnival? Check. A bad boy who turned out to be from a wealthy Southern family? Check. Familiar plotlines were out there.

But as the story progresses, you'll discover there's a gripping reason behind sweet Daisy's innocence.

I'm loving the British indie pop duo Oh Wonder. I've been listening to them for days and their songs are endless on repeat. Last week it was "Without You" then "Dazzle" and as of writing "Livewire" is on loop. They replaced my Hozier obsession (since 2015). Finally!


Done reading #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso. I've been wanting to read this for the longest time but I waited for the paperback edition. Haha. #CheapskateForeves. It's the kind of worldly wisdom we need to take notes of to make it in life and doing it the #GIRLBOSS way. 

I was glad I was able to buy a paperback copy at Fully Booked during a recent trip to Manila with my officemates, which I'm about to share next!

What are you consuming lately?

(Photos used in this post are all via Google. Minor edits by me.)

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