Sharing photos from last February's trip to "Imperial Manila" with the officemates a.k.a Pantry Girls.

This was a legit budget trip. Budget airfare, budget hotels, budget Enchanted Kingdom package, budget everything!#cheapskatefriendly. There's really strength in numbers because you get to share the expenses like baggage fee, accommodation, transportation, food and even miscellaneous ones.

But the most important thing to share...STORIES! Hahaha.

Our itineraries include a whole day at Enchanted Kingdom (EK), a visit at the country's largest 3-D Interactive Museum - Art in Island, Quezon City, lunch at nearby Bellini's, a little shopping at SM Aura, an afternoon at Bonifacio Global City and last minute pasalubong shopping at Mall of Asia.

But just like what happens in any travel, there are untold stories behind every photo. For an instance, our 5:30 pm flight to Manila was delayed for almost 3 hours that the airline served us free packed dinner to compensate. It's a sad thing that delayed flights are commonplace here and it becomes something we just "have to live with" on a daily basis. Not to mention the Manila traffic pa. If you're someone from Davao, the Manila traffic is always a culture shock. I hope change is coming sooner!

To add to that, on the day we went to EK the weather was gloomy and it rained that the first thing we did as we entered was to search where to buy raincoats. Rain is absolutely not the best way to welcome you to an outdoor theme park.

But I realized: fun is a state of mind. You can have the best weather, your flight could be on time, traffic could be bearable but if you don't make fun a matter of the mind, you will never have it. It's a conscious disposition. You can let the circumstances run you or you can make it the other way around.

As what I've seen in an Instagram post: "Train your mind to see the good in every situation."

And that's what we did. We had fun!

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