This is what I wore for our first internship seminar two Saturdays ago. I wanted a youthful  looking attire without compromising the corporate feel so I settled for flowery prints. It would've looked more appropriate if I had a blazer on though. On that day, we also picked the industry we will be interning for and lucky me, I got the industry I really wanted: Accounting/Auditing Firm. Actually, it's my Mom who really wants me to intern for an Accounting firm. Haha.

Speaking of internship, I'm so excited! 
It will sacrifice most of my summer time since there will be paper works and all. But I'd rather be productive and busy than idle and bored. Haha. The next thing I'll know, I'll be down on my last two semesters for college. Hopefully!

March 1, 2013 na bukas. 
How fast.
I hope you enjoyed your February.

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 I spent Valentines at home as usual with Mom and sister. 
Every February, they are my Valentine(s). Lol.

Anyway, I watched Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist that morning.
Then, Mom and I watched the French film Amour that evening.
At first it was sweet and all. Grandpa and Grandma growing old together. But the way the movie turned out and ended, it left me disturbed, really disturbed. Is that what you call LOVE? I don't know. This movie kind of marred my lazy Valentines Day.

Anyway, for more rants:
  • I've always known who Paul McCartney is. I know he is definitely not Jesse McCartney's dad or worse, grandfather. I know that Stella McCartney - the fashion designer - is her daughter and he's a legend because he's a member of the band, The Beatles.
  Anyway, the point is: Finally! I discovered the awesomeness of The Beatles. I listened to their songs and well, I love the lyrics. Now I know why they are so popular.
  • I placed second for the Filipino Editorial Writing Contest I joined. Yey for that! I'm sorry I just don't have a place for bragging that's why I am blogging about this.Haha. 
So anyway, how was your Valentines?




I got this pad of colorful post-its as a Christmas present from my friend Staven because I was his Kris Kringle. I was quite clueless on what kind of artsy fartsy stuff I'll be doing with it....

And then I saw this on Tumblr:

So, I got my pen and doodled on the post-its and voila!
My own "Take-What-You-Need" Chart. Haha.

If I were to pick among the sea of colorful choices for today, I would take money. Lots of money and I'll spend it like there's no tomorrow. Haha. 

But okay seriously ( and on a pa-deep mode): 
Well, I'm a naturally impulsive person. I'm not the calm type. I'm the kind who gets excited  and enthusiastic all too easily when I like an idea or something. I jump in, headfirst, without even knowing where to go after. I want instant results. It gets frustrating for me when things don't exactly pan the way I want them to be. So if there's one thing I really need, it would be PATIENCE.

  • Patience for moments when things don't go my way.
  • Patience for struggles. 
  • Patience for silence. Silence always mean awkward to me that's why I always try to fill the gap with nonsense talks. But silence could be okay if I'll let it be.
  • Patience for myself. Yes, I need patience for myself too. Sometimes when I do something wrong I don't take myself lightly.
  • Patience for dreams to come true. I'm such a passionate dreamer. Passionate to the point that I get too anxious for the future. I plan so many things like: collect all mugs with fancy prints, kiss a stranger in Paris, live on an island, live in New York, travel the world, and all those blah blah blah things. I get too excited on what the future may bring and I tend to forget to live, enjoy and savor the present moment: right here, right now. Dear Future, we'll just get there.
  • Patience from the people I truly care about. I could be annoying, awkward, moody, controlling, emotional, dramatic, needy, papansin, childish, and O.A. I'm someone who could be hard to deal with at times. But at the end of the day, all I need is a steady group of people who would still stand by me and stick with me, flaws and all. And I guess, that's what everybody longs for.
  • Patience for the people I truly care about. All relationships (not just romantic, I mean family and friendships) need a serious amount of patience and unselfishness. It's not about just you, but also about the other persons. It could get tiring at times because it's easier to be selfish and impatient. But things won't work that way. If I am asking for patience, I should give it too. Basic. Remember: LOVE is patient. 

Ermagherd, such a reflective post. Haha.
But anyway, if you were to pick, what will you take?
Chocolates, anyone?


P.S. And oh, speaking of love, (advance) HAPPY VALENTINES DAY y'all! <3



When I get bored browsing fashion blogs, I check out interior design and home decor sites. My top and all-time favorite is The Selby. It features the homes and spaces of creative individuals and even known and influential artists around the world. For local Philippine setting, I regularly visit Curious Setting. "Cool spaces, interesting people. That's how you sum up Curious Setting." says their ABOUT page.

Inspired by these awesome sites, I decided to take a rest from the usual fashion outfit posts and "feature" a little peek of my humble abode decorated the most cheapskate way possible...

My study table. 
Well, uhmm I don't really study here because I really don't study at all. Haha. But kidding aside, this is where I spend my time writing in my journal, browsing at magazines and let out my creative ideas. This is where my time is occupied by my daydreaming, doodling and studying...or should I say cramming? Haha.

My wall post. 
(1) I have that Today's Advice chart where I close my eyes, point randomly at the poster and I follow the advice my finger lands on. It's actually a good way to start my day. Makes me think of happy thoughts. 

(2) Then there's the map of the world to always inspire me to save and travel and see the world out there.

(3) There's a doodle of my nickname, "TWEET". It's made by my friend Toni. 

(4) And there's a magazine cut-out on tips on how to have a better version of one's self, --- which I always fail to follow of course. Haha.

  Yes, I am such a cheapskate that even a Starbucks frappuccino plastic cup can be utilized as a penholder.
 As much as I love ice cream, I love keeping and crafting up its containers too. :)

Bedroom door.
Made this huge NEW YORK cut-outs because I'll always be in love with the city that never sleeps. And yes, what better and easy way to decorate a door but a collage of cut-out magazines, right?

And the rest are random...

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