This is what I wore for our first internship seminar two Saturdays ago. I wanted a youthful  looking attire without compromising the corporate feel so I settled for flowery prints. It would've looked more appropriate if I had a blazer on though. On that day, we also picked the industry we will be interning for and lucky me, I got the industry I really wanted: Accounting/Auditing Firm. Actually, it's my Mom who really wants me to intern for an Accounting firm. Haha.

Speaking of internship, I'm so excited! 
It will sacrifice most of my summer time since there will be paper works and all. But I'd rather be productive and busy than idle and bored. Haha. The next thing I'll know, I'll be down on my last two semesters for college. Hopefully!

March 1, 2013 na bukas. 
How fast.
I hope you enjoyed your February.

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