I spent Valentines at home as usual with Mom and sister. 
Every February, they are my Valentine(s). Lol.

Anyway, I watched Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist that morning.
Then, Mom and I watched the French film Amour that evening.
At first it was sweet and all. Grandpa and Grandma growing old together. But the way the movie turned out and ended, it left me disturbed, really disturbed. Is that what you call LOVE? I don't know. This movie kind of marred my lazy Valentines Day.

Anyway, for more rants:
  • I've always known who Paul McCartney is. I know he is definitely not Jesse McCartney's dad or worse, grandfather. I know that Stella McCartney - the fashion designer - is her daughter and he's a legend because he's a member of the band, The Beatles.
  Anyway, the point is: Finally! I discovered the awesomeness of The Beatles. I listened to their songs and well, I love the lyrics. Now I know why they are so popular.
  • I placed second for the Filipino Editorial Writing Contest I joined. Yey for that! I'm sorry I just don't have a place for bragging that's why I am blogging about this.Haha. 
So anyway, how was your Valentines?


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