When I get bored browsing fashion blogs, I check out interior design and home decor sites. My top and all-time favorite is The Selby. It features the homes and spaces of creative individuals and even known and influential artists around the world. For local Philippine setting, I regularly visit Curious Setting. "Cool spaces, interesting people. That's how you sum up Curious Setting." says their ABOUT page.

Inspired by these awesome sites, I decided to take a rest from the usual fashion outfit posts and "feature" a little peek of my humble abode decorated the most cheapskate way possible...

My study table. 
Well, uhmm I don't really study here because I really don't study at all. Haha. But kidding aside, this is where I spend my time writing in my journal, browsing at magazines and let out my creative ideas. This is where my time is occupied by my daydreaming, doodling and studying...or should I say cramming? Haha.

My wall post. 
(1) I have that Today's Advice chart where I close my eyes, point randomly at the poster and I follow the advice my finger lands on. It's actually a good way to start my day. Makes me think of happy thoughts. 

(2) Then there's the map of the world to always inspire me to save and travel and see the world out there.

(3) There's a doodle of my nickname, "TWEET". It's made by my friend Toni. 

(4) And there's a magazine cut-out on tips on how to have a better version of one's self, --- which I always fail to follow of course. Haha.

  Yes, I am such a cheapskate that even a Starbucks frappuccino plastic cup can be utilized as a penholder.
 As much as I love ice cream, I love keeping and crafting up its containers too. :)

Bedroom door.
Made this huge NEW YORK cut-outs because I'll always be in love with the city that never sleeps. And yes, what better and easy way to decorate a door but a collage of cut-out magazines, right?

And the rest are random...


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