Classes were canceled last Monday in our university and I was so clueless what was the reason but nonetheless I was glad. So, I spent the long weekend "hanging out" with my Mom and sister at home and watched the 2 seasons of the TV series SUITS.

 SUITS is a TV series all about lawyers, "pretend lawyers", and New York.  But I am not making this post to have an episode review or discuss the plot outline of the series or anything because I might just spoil everything. I do have a knack for that. Haha. 

I just really want to rave about my favorite characters:

Harvey Specter - What's not to like about him? He's dashing, pretends not to care but really does, shrewd, ahh just everything a woman could look for. Haha.

 I could get  a little too attached when I like a character so much. So, Harvey Specter is Gabriel Macht in real life. Imagine my disappointment and kilig at the same time when I found out that his wife in real life is Jacinda Barret who plays Zoe Lawford, his sort of love-interest as well in the series.

 And they have a beautiful daughter named Satine Anais Geraldine. I love the little girl's name. Satine as in the name of the female lead role in Moulin Rouge and Anais as in Ana├»s Nin one of my favorite writers. Were they thinking about the same thing? Haha.

Rachel Zane - The ultra smart and hot paralegal. Aside from the fact that she's so brainy, I really love her work-wear fashion.Very stylish.

Louis Litt - Louis shouldn't be trusted. Louis is the bad guy. Louis is bitter. BUT I LOVE LOUIS! He's just pathetic but in an adorable way.

Donna Paulsen - Donna is Harvey's trusted secretary. She's just awesome and smart and sarcastic. Traits I really want for myself. Haha.

Two reasons why I like this series: first, it is set in Manhattan, New York - my dream place. Second, this series just inspires me to think like a smart-badass since I have Law 2 classes this semester and some of the cases in the series are actually relatable with our lessons.

I hope I didn't spoil much.
What are you watching now?



  1. wow,i just found out about Gabriel's real wife...too cute together :P and i agree about all of the things u said,expecially 'bout Rachel,damn...i really have to wear like her when i'll be a badass lawyer :P

    from italy ;) xoxo

  2. Wow, thank you Carmen from Italy! :)
    They are just too cute together, aren't they?

    Checked out your blog too.
    How I wish I could understand Italian. Hihi.
    But nonetheless it's lovely. :)

    Thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment.
    Have a nice day! :*



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