This was my ensemble last Sunday when me and my friends surprised our dear friend, Kristine on her 19th birthday.
We fondly call her "Pat" and I personally endear her my "ish". It was really a fun and amazing day but I guess that's not my story to blog.
So, here's the LINK of the full account of what happened that day from the birthday girl herself. :)

As for the outfit, it was lace-y and black. The bright mustard satchel bag broke the monotony. 
The bag by the way, was a Christmas pressie from my super lovely and gorgeous sister, Ate Mae
Thank you! :)

And lastly, here's our groupie pic to end that day:
Meet my awesome team: (Haha)
L-R: StavenLuigi, Toni, Tita Neng (Toni's Mom), Felbirthday girl Kristine, Melvin, myself and Akemi

Our dear friend Kent did the picture-taking duty. :D

Here's another one stolen from Toni's Instagram:

If you fancy any one of them, just click their names, they're on Twitter. Haha. :))


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