So I'd just like to share that Mom bought this cute mug with a Starbucks logo on it from a bargain store. It comes with a cute spoon which makes sipping coffee impossible. Oh diba, parang naka-"Starbucks" kami everyday sa bahay kahit Nescafe lang yung kape namin? Haha.  

"Coffee" is the title post because the weather these days consistently calls for a cup of one. I am not much of a coffee drinker but the weather encourages me to. The frequent bed-weather is to be blamed for my laziness and anti-social tendencies. I find myself going home immediately after school and snuggle in bed and watch movies or contemplate and write in my journal endlessly and play Yuna on the background. I don't know, the rainy mood just puts you to a sentimental mode. The bed-weather has been regular and it feels very unusual since GenSan is normally a warm and sunny city. 

Well, I am just making this post to rant. First, my phone got stolen. No need for details but yeah I admit I still have separation anxiety for that thing. Second, I started my jogging routine already. Yey for that! But truthfully, it happened only once this week. Haha. I should try harder. I should really train myself to wake up earlier. And third, I was asked to host for a school event. I'm excited! One thing  I am looking forward to do next month!

Days are slipping by so fast, don't you think? Next week would already be the love month.

And let me ask, how do you spend a day-in? 
I mean, what do you do to keep yourself from boredom when it's raining and there's nothing left to do but stay home?


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