New month, new beginning. Chos. Haha. 
I don't know, but the first two months of 2013 wasn't that totally amazing for me. I was morphed into this anti-social person and was just a ball of walking awkwardness. Well, I've been through personal struggles and I'm just thankful that most of it are over and done. Everything is back into perspective now and I hope it stays this way for long. 

I feel genuinely happy today. For a long time, I've been short of supply of happiness. Haha. And yes, being happy on the first day of March is just worth blogging. I'd quote it from Paulo Coelho from the book Eleven Minutes: “Considering the way the world is, one happy day is almost a miracle.” 
I'm just happy to be back to my old and usual bubbly self.
Just a quick self-check post!


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