When I was a little kid, I've always dreamed of becoming a supermodel one day. Haha. This is such an embarrassing confession, I know, but I guess we all have secret dreams. My mom could attest that even as a kid, I'd watch FashionTV and see models strut the runway. I grew up endlessly browsing my Mom's magazines or play dress-up the whole day or try on heels that are way too big on my feet. I remember writing too in my sister's slum-book that "to become a supermodel" is my greatest ambition. 

My ever supportive mom led me to believe that one day I could really become a supermodel. But then society thinks otherwise. As I got older (I never grew up, literally. Haha.), I realized that supermodels are for those who are the skinniest of the skinny, the effortlessly beautiful with a flawless skin to match with and of course for those who have a towering and tall height which I clearly lack of. Realizing those things, I tucked away my supermodel dreams and settled for realistic ones.

But now luckily, I had the chance to fulfill my "supermodel dreams" along with my closest friends. We were given the chance to play “models” for a very special occasion. 

So we had our first practice at the local gym where the photos above were taken. I was so excited! Jed, the instructor asked each one to walk and strut at the imaginary runway. When it was my turn, I could just feel the beat of the music and see my reflection in the full-length mirrors and walked the best way I could. Looking at the mirror, I was pleased with what I am doing and Jed was also smiling at me as if he's saying that I'm "werquing" it right. He even asked me to walk again and told the others to study how I walk because I made myself look taller , my legs don't bend and etc. And I was thinking "This is a dream come true!" Haha. My friends also complimented me and said they never thought I could walk that way. 

I don't mean to sound so conceited or vain or anything, it's just it's one of those wonderful moments that I truly felt good about myself  and with what I am doing. Like for once, I could really pretend that I am a supermodel! Haha.

I guess we all have those childhood dreams. Perhaps, you dreamed to become Britney or Christina, or to be a rockstar or maybe an actress or an actor. It's just when we start growing up, we realize those dreams are just too crazy. But never too crazy to not come true. :)

Tell me, what are your secret dreams?


Thank you Toni Rose Romero for the photos! :)

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