I think everyone just loves scoring a cheap awesome fashion find. Personally, I love telling my gal pals on how I scored a cute top or a nice bag for a price much much less. Don't you think? 

Well then if you think so too, continue reading for I am about to blog and brag about my cheapest fashion finds!

So let's start with...

This tattered shorts I got only for P75.00 at a thrift shop in Davao. This is probably my most used and abused shorts since I can pair it just with anything. Needless to ask, denim is just so versatile, don't you think?

This pair of khaki shorts belong to my brother when he was still a little kid. Found it while I was rummaging in his closet.

 When worn, this becomes a high-waist shorts on me. I fold the hem to style it a little.

But the interesting part is that, when you look closely near the pocket, you'll see a BSP (Boy Scout of the Philippines) logo. Haha. See, all you need is a little imagination! When I wear this pair I tell people "Hey these are my brother's Boy Scout shorts!". Haha.

My sister bought this purple polo for me when she had thrift shopping with her friends. 
Guess what, this only costs P15.00! 

 The flowery print when you look closer.

Ah, this yellow sheer polo shirt  is probably my most favorite item in my closet because whenever I wear it, modesty aside, people always compliment it and yellow is my favorite color by the way. Hehe. When worn it is actually see-through so I wear it with a black camisole. My sister also gave this to me along with the purple polo above, and well, this costs only P15.00 too! 

Bright pink top scored at the local department store!

 Bags. The blue sling bag was my Mom's birthday gift to me. I use it whenever I'm out for a casual stroll with friends or whenever I'm doing errands. The sequined one - which can also be used as a clutch - is my go-to bag whenever there are formal occasions in school or whenever I'm attending a party. And lastly, the brown envelope clutch. I use it in school when I don't have to carry big books with me or sometimes I use it as a bag organizer.

 Belts can be useful accessories especially since in my university we observe a strict dress code. So my fashion choices constantly revolves in jeans and pants during Washday. So these cute belts really help in adding a dash color to a rather plain t-shirt and jeans ensemble. Each costs P60.00 and below! The yellow one with the bow tie is my most favorite.

How about you? What are the cheapest fashion finds you have in your closet?


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