Left to Right:  Kristine (she has a lovely blog too! Click the link.), Akemi, Paulene and Me

The photos above were taken during my first "fashion show" along with my closest friends. That's a huge thing scratched in my Bucket List. It's not a fashion show sponsored by a big clothing company or anything.  The show took place at the local gym and afterwards, a gay pageant was held. It wasn't the runway of New York or Paris but instead it's the runway of Calumpang Gym, General Santos City! Haha. But still, I relish the memory!

It was such an experience! The first outfit was red. Afterwards, we had to dash off immediately at the backstage and change quickly for the next outfit. The backstage was such a picture of mayhem. Everyone was struggling on their own to change quickly to make it on time for their turn. My next outfit was such a sexy piece. It's my first time to wear such a daring piece of clothing.  As you can see above, my entire back was bare! And the last one was the white outfit.

In just an hour the show was finished and the gay pageant started. We did not stay to watch it because we were already tired.

For most of us, it was our first time to walk in a runway with a large crowd watching. But more than anything, what made the experience more meaningful was that I was with my closest circle of friends. It was such a nice time to bond and even meet new people.

The night ended with a hearty big dinner for everyone.
Thanks to Tita Neng!
She's my friend's Mom.
Just look below on who that friend is. Haha. :)


Thank you again and again Toni Rose Romero for the photos! :)

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