The "headquarters" for our photoshoot was Nise's place. Everybody just brought in whatever they thought was useful for the shoot. Pat brought her curling-iron, Kim her make-up and Staven his picnic mantel. It was really our own production. 

Props to Akemi! She did the Amy Whinehouse-ish winged-eyed make-up to us.
Since I don't know much about make-up, Akemi did the whole thing for me. Thanks sort! :)

We didn't have the luxury of time to map out our outfits. We just agreed to keep it colorful and vibrant. As it turned out, the colors of our ensembles complemented each other. It just matched! Thanks Pat for letting me borrow your shorts! :)

The people behind the lens deserves just as much airtime!
 Staven arranging our hair and directing us.
Selfie muna sila!
Miss photographer in working mode.
Ang mga apparatus boss? Secured na? Haha.

And of course, a photoshoot will not be complete without fooling and goofing around :)
Fit your face sa screen :))

A happy meal to end the tiring but super saya day! 
Thank you photographer for treating us dinner! :))



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