"The weird thing is that although I've never actually been to New York, 
I already feel an affinity toward it.
~Becky Bloomwood, Shopaholic Takes Manhattan

I can TOTALLY relate to Miss Bloomwood. I'm seriously convinced that in my past lifetime, I was a New Yorker. One does not need to explain why they dream to be in NYC. IT'S NEW YORK CITY. Period. It's the place to be. I feel like almost every movie I've seen, book I've read  and TV series I've watched (except for Game of Thrones of course), New York City is the setting. Jay-Z and Alicia even made a song about it. 

And! Speaking of NYC...weeks ago my highschool friend and then seatmate, Julmar posted this on my wall:

Here's me and Julmar way back in highschool, year 2009:
(This is the only photo I could find of him and me. Yes, we are covered in mud. This was taken after a certain training.)

And here is what he posted in his IG during his NY trip:

I was so ecstatic for him! :))
I felt proud for him too. I was like "Hey, that's my friend in NYC!". It's the same proud feeling you feel when you watch someone with Filipino blood joining American Idol or a Filipino talent being interviewed in The Ellen Degeneres Show. Haha. Back in high school, we used to just talk dreamily of going  to New York and now, Julmar made it. AKO RIN! Julmar took 20 years of dreaming ako siguro mga 50 years? Haha. 

I was really inspired because realistically and literally speaking, New York is so far away.
But looking at my dear friend, I feel closer to New York. *dreamy soft sigh*


In the mean time, I guess this will do.

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