My friends and I saw this poster at the school bulletin board and the set of speakers sparked our interest. Pogi kasi si Leeroy New! Haha. Kidding aside though, I've seen Leeroy New's artworks in magazines before that is why he is somehow familiar to me. I've also read a feature about Jen Gerodias-Diaz and Snoe in a Preview Magazine. 

My friends and I were excited of the idea of seeing and learning from these young and successful people.
(Photo via GenSan News Online Mag )

So last August 30, we all trooped at SM City GenSan Trade Hall to participate in The Next Big Thing Summit 2013. If I recall correctly, this was after our Midterm Exams. 
Obviously, this is a very late post but I'd still like to share the experience because it was really inspiring. :)

The first speaker was Ms. Jen Gerodias-Diaz.
I liked her in an instant because she was very bubbly. Her aura was just fabulous and that's not a wonder because she is the founder of quirky beauty brand Snoe Beauty Inc. 
She reminded of Becky Bloomwood from the Confessions of A Shopaholic. She was very kikay but she talks very smart as well. She dispensed 10 helpful tips on how to achieve your dreams. I cannot really recall now all the 10 tips since I wasn't taking note. I was too caught up listening to her animated talk.

But the very point of her talk is that we should all follow our PASSION. She shared that Snoe Beauty Inc.stemmed out from her passion for make-up and shopping. And where is Snoe Beauty Inc. now? Well, they are one of the fastest growing beauty brand here in the Philippines and they were tapped by Urban Outfitters to stock their products. During her talk, my heart was in a flutter because truly she is a living testament that being girly girl and being business savvy can be mixed. :)
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The next speaker was Mr. Ralph Wunsch, founder and CEO of  METRODEAL.
His talk focused more on the various online trends, the perks of E-Commerce and how is the internet affecting our lifestyle. He even made us watch this funny video that I first stumbled at Patty Laurel's blog. He encouraged us to try  E-Commerce because it has a really big potential.

The last speaker was renowned artist Leeroy New.
As what I said earlier, his name was already familiar to me. I've read a couple of features about him and his collaboration with fashion designer Kermit Tesoro in making Lady Gaga's costume. BUT! It was really a shock to me to find out that he was actually born here in Gensan. Kaya pala I felt an instant connection. Haha!
His talk centered on his art and masterpieces. He flashed at the screen his various works and shared to us the story behind each masterpiece. I was really impressed by him. Aside from his looks (haha), he really is a fascinating artist and worthy of admiration. He is dabbling on fashion, visual arts, installations, and even production set designing. He even showcased some of his masterpieces abroad. Truly amazing. He made me appreciate art more and I've seen art in a different perspective after his talk.

Photo op with Mr. Ralph Wunsch after the summit.

Le proof of participation!
(Ph: Nise Romero)

It was a six-hour summit but it was really worthy! All of us went home feeling inspired after hearing from these very engaging personalities. I felt happy that they were gracious enough to pass on to us their modern-day wisdom.

Can't wait for another opportunity to learn! :)


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