The past two weeks have been upsetting for the country and even for the rest of the world. The rage of Yolanda is still fresh in our memories, much more to the victims. It was haunting, moving and depressing. Not to mention all the politicking, pointing of fingers, spats between media people and issues concerning relief operations that followed after. STRESS. I have my personal reactions regarding those issues but I guess we should not dwell on those kind of things anymore. It's really nonsense to deal with those trivial things when people out there are in misery.

Since the damage has been done, what we can do is take action and move forward. I know it's so easy for me to say this because I'm here blogging, all dry, my family intact and safe from any threats of typhoon since we live in Mindanao. 

But I'd just like to share some of these photos and inspiring stories. It warms the heart to know that the world is with us in this very unfortunate time. Aside from prayers and donations, I feel like this is one of the least thing I can do, to share optimism and hope. 

Let's carry on Philippines, we are one strong nation!
 A rainbow popping over Tacloban skies days after the rage of Yolanda 

Another two popped in Eastern Samar plus a smile from Manong  :) 
(Photo by: Abdel Elecho)

 Not really a fan, but still... (Source: TMZ)

Six year old Japanese boy donates his savings for typhoon victims. 
Selfless-ness at such young age(Source:Rappler)

NFL Fil-Am player Doug Baldwin waves the PH flag

 THIS. How little things can make a positive impact. (Source: Bianca Gonzalez)


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