If there's something I am guilty of collecting, it would be fashion magazines.
 It's actually a growing collection I share with my Mom and sister.

But the catch is, we only buy them when they are on sale. We wait for back-issues at our favorite BOOKSALE store. Haha.

My sister and I first collected Seventeen Magazines (Philippines).
 There are times when I feel like I've already read every single page of the magazines, but when I pick it up at random moments and go over it, I always discover something new. The articles are so helpful and applicable in real life. Indeed, Seventeen is a college must-have. So it was a bit disheartening when they stopped publishing last 2009.

I really have a penchant for this magazine.I really think it's the best fashion magazine here in the Philippines. Their editorials and articles could be at par with the ones I see in international titles.
Basta maganda talaga! Haha.

So far,  here's my TOP 5 COVERS for Preview:

MARCH 2011- Georgina Wilson and Borgy Manotoc
JULY 2011 - Iza Calzado
APRIL 2010 - Maja Salvador
JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2010 - Jinkee Pacquiao
JANUARY 2011- Liz Uy

Here's a proof that I am such a fan:
That's my friend Staven holding a January 2012 issue of Preview Magazine. This was taken before they surprised me for my birthday last August. They actually asked me what gift I wanted, I just said "Kahit back-issue lang na Preview Magazine okay na!". Haha.

Just like books, magazines allows me to travel to places and as if meet new people but the latter is just more visual than the former. I learn a lot from magazines especially in the creative and art aspect.The things learned from my magazines are also very helpful whenever I engage myself with a conversation with anyone. It's really a good reference. Haha.

How about you?
What are the things that you fancy?




Inspiration Blog of the Day is Jessica Stein's TUULA

Her blog is such visual feast!
I like it that she features mostly her travels. Reading through her blog, she seems like everywhere!

One day I'll travel the world too and mimic that "Jump-While-Holding-Balloons" pose of hers. Haha.
Quick post!




The fashion show-inspired party of my friend Nise/Toni which I was talking about in my previous posts, happened last November 2, 2012. The exact date of her birthday.
 This special undertaking, I would say, is in the run for one of my most memorable experiences for this year.  To walk in a runway in a room packed with people is such an exhilarating experience and what made it more special was that my Mom and brother were there to watch me. :)
So, here's what I wore for the Dark Rebel Collection:
Next was the Delight in White Collection. I was inspired to don a dress because the fascinator/hat was already provided. British Royal Wedding was the peg I guess. Haha.

Chic Cheapskate Confession Alert:  Bought this cream white lace dress at a thrift shop for only P80.00!
The next collection was the Victoria's Secret inspired collection named Color Fantasy. This was my favorite part cause we got to wear WINGS!!!
And lastly was the Nise Collection. The Nise Collection composed of dresses and gowns Nise had previously worn. Her mom, Tita Rossana designed every dress and gown. She's such an artistic soul! The gowns and cocktail dresses were really beautiful and elegant.
Mine was a mullet gown. I loved it! I love the train detail at the back ;) 
Though I guess the photo did not do justice or maybe it was me. Haha. I think I walked too fast cause I was so nervous every round.
And of course my good friend, the birthday girl in her beautiful Black Swan-inspired gown designed  of course by her mom, Tita Neng:

We danced Oppa Gangnam Style together to end the show. The party was really fun  but the after-party was much much more fun! We danced all-night and availed the dance floor all the way! Such a memorable party, not to mention very lavish.

Thank you again Tita Neng and Toni!!

Photo credits:
Val Pailden
Mr. Jong Obasa
MAKLY Digital



Watched Breaking Dawn 2 last weekend with friends. And I know this post is some kind of late but aww, I just still couldn't hide my utter amazement with the movie!!!! I remember, after I read the book I was a bit disappointed because even though it was a happy ending, it lacks some action. But the movie totally makes up for it!

You'll know a movie is so great when you just can't spoil it. So yeah, I am convincing you instead to go and watch it, to see for yourselves how awesome and truly epic the ending of The Twilight Saga is!
IF! You haven't seen it yet. ;)

 And here's what I wore:

Borrowed my Mom's ultra comfy black & white striped-tee. :)

Bag, skirt and sandals: All Department Store finds

Thank you to my ish, Kristine Acharon for the photos!
(Check out her lovely blog! ♥ )




 So finally, here are the official photos from the NISE AT 19 Photoshoot!

That's her, the birthday girl. :)

 Young souls fly free! ♥

 I like this particular shot! Survivor lang ang peg?!

For the record, this is my first "official" photoshoot. As in with make-up, wardrobe and professional photographers. Haha. Another thing off in my Bucket List! 

Thank you again to Tita Neng for the experience! ♥



I truly do not know where to begin my story. 

But okay here it goes: 

My friend Toni (pictured below) and her ever creative mom, Tita Rossana, was planning on having a Fashion Show-inspired birthday party for Toni's 19th birthday. Being a close friend of hers, I was chosen to play the part of a "model" along with our other friends. 

Prior to her birthday, we had a lot of activities in preparation for the BIG DAY. First, we had our first fashion show (which I blogged about  HERE) so that we can have a peek on how's it like to be on the actual runway. Second, we had practices at the local gym on weekends (which I sort of blogged about  HERE). 

And lastly, last October 14, we had a photoshoot at the beach. It was such a fun experience! We had a sleepover at Toni's place the night prior since the call-time for make-up and preparations should start at around 5:00 am the next morning. Also, since the location was the beach, we should start early so as not get our skin burned from too much sun. Haha.

But as it turned out, we all woke up late since we did a lot of crazy things. You know sleepovers, they can get too crazy! We watched the Britney Spears concert, painted our nails, fooled around, and of course the talkathon that lasted up until early morning.

Anyway, the photos below were outtakes from the actual pictorial.

Most of the photos were taken at Susan's Beach at Maasim, Saranggani Province. Approximately, it's only an hour away from the city. But what I enjoyed the most was when we stopped by the road to shoot. It was so fun! We literally had to look out for cars so as not to get ourselves crashed! Haha.

Plus the place really reminded me of Santorini, Greece as I've seen in movies and photos.
It was real nice.

The official photos from the photographers will be on the next post!
Stay tuned!

Photo credits:
Toni Rose Romero
Mr. Jong Obasa

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