The fashion show-inspired party of my friend Nise/Toni which I was talking about in my previous posts, happened last November 2, 2012. The exact date of her birthday.
 This special undertaking, I would say, is in the run for one of my most memorable experiences for this year.  To walk in a runway in a room packed with people is such an exhilarating experience and what made it more special was that my Mom and brother were there to watch me. :)
So, here's what I wore for the Dark Rebel Collection:
Next was the Delight in White Collection. I was inspired to don a dress because the fascinator/hat was already provided. British Royal Wedding was the peg I guess. Haha.

Chic Cheapskate Confession Alert:  Bought this cream white lace dress at a thrift shop for only P80.00!
The next collection was the Victoria's Secret inspired collection named Color Fantasy. This was my favorite part cause we got to wear WINGS!!!
And lastly was the Nise Collection. The Nise Collection composed of dresses and gowns Nise had previously worn. Her mom, Tita Rossana designed every dress and gown. She's such an artistic soul! The gowns and cocktail dresses were really beautiful and elegant.
Mine was a mullet gown. I loved it! I love the train detail at the back ;) 
Though I guess the photo did not do justice or maybe it was me. Haha. I think I walked too fast cause I was so nervous every round.
And of course my good friend, the birthday girl in her beautiful Black Swan-inspired gown designed  of course by her mom, Tita Neng:

We danced Oppa Gangnam Style together to end the show. The party was really fun  but the after-party was much much more fun! We danced all-night and availed the dance floor all the way! Such a memorable party, not to mention very lavish.

Thank you again Tita Neng and Toni!!

Photo credits:
Val Pailden
Mr. Jong Obasa
MAKLY Digital

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