Watched Breaking Dawn 2 last weekend with friends. And I know this post is some kind of late but aww, I just still couldn't hide my utter amazement with the movie!!!! I remember, after I read the book I was a bit disappointed because even though it was a happy ending, it lacks some action. But the movie totally makes up for it!

You'll know a movie is so great when you just can't spoil it. So yeah, I am convincing you instead to go and watch it, to see for yourselves how awesome and truly epic the ending of The Twilight Saga is!
IF! You haven't seen it yet. ;)

 And here's what I wore:

Borrowed my Mom's ultra comfy black & white striped-tee. :)

Bag, skirt and sandals: All Department Store finds

Thank you to my ish, Kristine Acharon for the photos!
(Check out her lovely blog! ♥ )


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