Last Saturday, we had our overnight barkada outing at Water Gran Resort. It was actually a celebration of many things, but more importantly it was a time to bond, relax and give thanks for the successful fashion show birthday party of my friend, Toni (which I am about to blog soon).

The experience was really one for the books, or should I say for the blog? Haha. The photos above are just actually a small peek on how really awesome it was. The ride at the van, playing frisbee at the sand while marveling at the sunset, kiddie parlor games, huge inviting pool, booze, drunken nights (but with parental supervision mind you), dusk till dawn talkathon, and best of all, good company....it all sums up to an awesome weekend! ♥

And oh wait, I forgot..my tipsy cartwheel! Haha.

The whole fun prepared me to brave another stressful semester. And best of all it was also a celebration of friendship. How cheesy it sounds but really I am so thankful that I have these guys. We've been together since our freshmen year. Some left for a time but they still came back while some new ones are welcomed with open arms to join the group. :)

Everything wouldn't be possible without Toni and Tita Neng. 
Thank you so much Tita and Nise! 
We love you!


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