I truly do not know where to begin my story. 

But okay here it goes: 

My friend Toni (pictured below) and her ever creative mom, Tita Rossana, was planning on having a Fashion Show-inspired birthday party for Toni's 19th birthday. Being a close friend of hers, I was chosen to play the part of a "model" along with our other friends. 

Prior to her birthday, we had a lot of activities in preparation for the BIG DAY. First, we had our first fashion show (which I blogged about  HERE) so that we can have a peek on how's it like to be on the actual runway. Second, we had practices at the local gym on weekends (which I sort of blogged about  HERE). 

And lastly, last October 14, we had a photoshoot at the beach. It was such a fun experience! We had a sleepover at Toni's place the night prior since the call-time for make-up and preparations should start at around 5:00 am the next morning. Also, since the location was the beach, we should start early so as not get our skin burned from too much sun. Haha.

But as it turned out, we all woke up late since we did a lot of crazy things. You know sleepovers, they can get too crazy! We watched the Britney Spears concert, painted our nails, fooled around, and of course the talkathon that lasted up until early morning.

Anyway, the photos below were outtakes from the actual pictorial.

Most of the photos were taken at Susan's Beach at Maasim, Saranggani Province. Approximately, it's only an hour away from the city. But what I enjoyed the most was when we stopped by the road to shoot. It was so fun! We literally had to look out for cars so as not to get ourselves crashed! Haha.

Plus the place really reminded me of Santorini, Greece as I've seen in movies and photos.
It was real nice.

The official photos from the photographers will be on the next post!
Stay tuned!

Photo credits:
Toni Rose Romero
Mr. Jong Obasa


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